Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Launch Day!

Good Day!  Welcome to Amora’s Place.

I'm Amora, and this is my new place. A little place I’ve managed to carve out for my alter ego, where we can explore more fully our journey into this new, all consuming obsession of romance and erotica books. And maybe relax, kick back and have fun.

 Romance and Erotica books have, in truth, have become my latest obsession; perhaps even my newest addiction.

My journey into madness began in March 2009, and there's been no turning back; or even slowing down. I began with paranormal romance novels, graduateing to Erotica, discovering a special fondness for M/M romance.

Bottom line: I buy and I read a lot of romance and erotica books, and before I buy anything, I always read a lot of reviews before I do. Too many times however, I’d wish I could have found something a little different than the same old thing; re-writing the description, over technical, lengthy reviews.  Those a very useful, but I would like to know other things as well. 

Things like (but not limited to)

Are the heroines so annoying you'd like to kill them yourself?

Are the heroes alpha enough; or are they whinny, whimpy, saps?

Do the shifters have sex as humans?...animals? ...or both?

Does the hero have 1 penis?...or 2?

And yes, are they HOT?

After several books, and wasted dollars later, I decided I wanted to have a place to write my own reviews; reviews that may give some different information to readers. Because hey, if 1/2 shifted dog sex or heroes with 2 penises isn't your thing...that's ok, you just might want to know it’s in a book...before you buy or read it, instead of after. I know I would have. 

They rest of what you shoul find at Amora's Place are other things I have fun with. A bit of book talk, a bit of sexy pictures to look at...this and that.

Check back often.  I intend to grow Amora's Place quite rapidly. Any suggestions to improve the blog would be appreciated.  (This is my first blog…I really have no idea what I’m doing.)


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