Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Book Musings: My Review of A Helping Hand (Hands, #2)

A Helping Hand (Hands, #2) A Helping Hand by Shayla Kersten

Published:  August 27th 2008 by Ellora's Cave (first published 2008)
Details:  e-book, 319 pages
Characters:  Dan Fletcher, Rich Taylor
Setting:  United States

The Blurb:  Deputy Sheriff Rich Taylor has -moreany secrets. His sexuality is only the top of the list. Even his best friend Dan doesn't know Rich is gay.

My Thoughts:  My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was my first book by this author, and I enjoyed it, sort of. It had some ok heat to it, which is always good, and some plot to go with it. I didn’t love the characters though. I had mixed feelings on both Rich and Dan.

I felt Rich expected Dan to come around to being accepting and out pretty quickly for a guy who’d been straight all his life. I wasn’t all that jazzed about Rich getting frustrated and running off to Jeremy instead of fighting it out either. Jeremy was a good supporting character. I just plain felt sorry for him, but at least he took a risk and tried. I didn’t love Dan either. All his worrying about what everyone would think got a little tedious for me. I understand confused straight guy and all, but I would have liked to see him worry a little less about what everyone might think, confused or not. His attitude over Sharon just irritated me. He was supposed to despise her, but still thinks about them in bed, and seemed unable to really stand up to her. She was so infuriating I wanted to kill her myself! The biggest problem that I had was that after all the angst, the ending seemed unfinished. It needed something more to tie up all Dan’s worry over how the town may feel about he and Rich being gay.

All and all it was an ok book. I’ll probably give another one of Shayla Kersten’s book a try. Maybe Jeremy will get a HEA.

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  1. I think I thought a lot less while I was reading this one than you did, and I just went along with the flow. Definitely not perfect... but it's also one of my comfort re-reads. And you should definitely read Jeremy's book. :)



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