Sunday, March 28, 2010

Amora's Place Playground

Ahhhh, as I mentioned, coming soon is my new special place.  The Playground. 

The Playground is going to have to take shape by itself like the rest of these things since I really have no idea what I want to do.  Only a basic idea.  The idea came from changing and previewing this blog what seemed like hundreds of times, staring at the same pic of a naked butt no matter where I the page I ended up.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm all for the naked butt, I did post it after all.  But when the same one says hello that many times, your kinda get sick of seeing it.  Follow that with talking to my daughter about it, I was laughing, she was telling me that yeah the butts were a bit much.  (she's following the blog)

Butts...A bit much?  Hardly.

With all I've come across on these blogs while trying to figure it all out, I haven't even begun...butts and more!  I just haven't yet gained the courage to post some of the things I've seen.  And hey, maybe she has a point.  Not everyone might appreciate...butts.  It was supposed to be a book blog, not a hot guy, butt blog.

Too bad really, the butts are staying.  But what about the uber yummy?  What do I do with that?  What about those..."p" words?  Oh yeah, I have some "p" words.  You know... the "p" word...(penis)...shhh.

Viola!  The Playground is born!  P words a plenty!

(Are you shocked at mommy yet sweetie?  I know you're reading this.  You stay out of mommy's playground, and I don't want to hear "but you said there were no butts".  Little sheet.)

All I can promise at this point is that I've got a littlte stash of pics and videos that I will be posting there.  Past telling.  Some are silly, some are..."can I post that" hot.  I'm still really into the M/M obsession...doesn't seem to be letting up at all, so expect that to be the general idea for now.  I am all about the m/m.  At least until I move onto the next obsession.  No telling what or when that will be.  Never saw this one coming.  I'd have sworn I was the last person to ever develop a m/m obsession.

Anyway, there you have it.  It's pretty much done, It should be up in the next day or two.  I'd like to have more stuff to post.  I have a bit, but it turns out it's harder than I thought it would be to find uber yummy that I like.  You see,  I'm not a woman who thinks that just cause a guys hanging out it's yummy.  Quite the opposite actually.  Most of the time I find myself thinking "stop waving that thing at me and put it away".  Leave me some imagination, it's better there ;)   Don't get me wrong.  Naked dudes are hot...but some are really, really not.  I'm choosy that way.  A picky smut slut...I guess you could say.   Oh the burden of the hunt.  Horrible. But someone's gotta do it.

Hope ya'll join me over there.

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