Saturday, March 13, 2010

Could be losing my mind!

Well, its 2:34am right now...and I can't sleep...again. I can't remember the last time I slept a whole night thru...I seem to be lucky to get a couple of hours. Except I don't think I've even gotten that much this week.  I'm so tired I can barely function. 

I wish they had spell check on this darn thing.

I've tried everything I can thing of, except prescription meds, nothing works.  Tonight I thought I'd try playing online...that won't help me sleep.  But I did find cool stuff.  I love finding things.  It's like a treasure hunt.

I'm so rambling.  No one here is awake...but me.  Even had to send the dog to bed.  She was driving me nuts.  In thru the front door, out thru the back, in thru the back, out thru the front.  Damn dog, doesn't she know it's 2:30am?

I ramble.

I think I'm going to like having a blog.  At least I have a place to ramble.  Don't know how lucky the rest of you are. 

That's it, I'm losing it. 

Do they really not have spell check on this darn thing, or can I just not find it?!  It was very helpful at work today, lit up like a Christmas tree.  All pretty red and green.  Thank god for spell check.

Might be time to try to lay down again. 


  1. Sorry you couldn't sleep. I don't know which browser you use, but I use Google Chrome. It has a spell check function that catches most misspellings when I'm typing up a post.

  2. You are so sweet.
    I'll check out google chrome. thanks!



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