Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Free Book: Guys in College by Matthew Haldeman-Time

A free collection of M/M short stories by Matthew Haldeman-Time.  Get it here.

Goodreads recommendation:  "I thought they all were very strong stories. The book contains 8 short stories...the second story is a follow up of the first story (loved it). For me the best story is "Two Bodies"...the 7th story. " 

Read more about this book on Goodreads here.

Guys in College by Matthew Haldeman-Time

E-book, PDF Format:  Downloads immediately at LuLu.  Get it here.

This collection of gay erotica features seven short stories by Matthew Haldeman-Time, plus the opening of a new series, "In This Land." Although the subject matter varies - - first meetings, established relationships, budding love, fresh lust - - one thing is for sure: if you enjoy men, sex, and a good time, you're sure to love "Guys in College." For more, visit http://www.matthewhaldemantime.com/.
This book includes graphic depictions of male-male sex and is only for consenting adults.

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  1. Heya,

    great idea - I'm now following you. And I certainly don't mind - thanks for the Spoils of War plug, too. :) Any way I can help, let me know. I can link you from my main website in "Links" when I get home. (Which is in 3 minutes YAY).




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