Sunday, March 14, 2010

I love Vampires: Show me your teeth!

I am a vampire girl.  Certifiably. 

I keep coming across this bizare little gem while I've been digging around online.  I've watched it several times, and truthfully, I'm not quite sure what I think...I have mixed feelings, to say the least, but it does make me laugh. I can always use a laugh.

It has grown on me so much, that together with being all hyped up about what I've seen about the coming release of  Lover Mine, I've decided to have a Vamp week.  I'm a deep down vampire lover since I was a little girl.  I may have been a strange little girl.

Although this bizzare little goody is everywhere, I'm still going to use it to start with. 

Show me your teeth... Lady Gaga


  1. First time for me....but not the last. yum

  2. I know huh. That thing just keeps growing on me more and more! It live permantly on my "erotic gallery" page...don't know if you've found that yet. There will me much more there eventually.



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