Friday, March 26, 2010

It snowed again today…god I love my truck!

It snowed again today...roads were slicker than snot, and I love my truck!

Yes, I am one of those truck owning "rednecks" our government’s been warning you about! No tiny little electric cars for sir!  But no, that's not really my truck, but I'm pretty sure I've been down that road! Did it better than he did least my truck came out looking better...not a scratch on her!

My truck looks more like this little gem, black (of course), with a loud as fuck stereo!  (sometimes I'm such a child!)
And I truly do love my truck.  I mean really, really, really love it.  I went to go start the truck to go to work this morning and it was snowing…again!  Been in the 60’s all week!  My flowers don’t know what the hell to do.  They all started growing, thinking its spring.  Now they are all going to die from the freeze!  Stupid flowers.  Stupid weather.

Only got a couple of inches…but still…it was slicker than snot on the roads this morning!  God I love my truck.  That thing is the best.  I have yet to find a road condition that bothers that little cuttie pie.  We get a lot of snow around here, and we are very…outdoors.  Wilderness shit.  Hunting, fishing, hiking and all that, or photography where I’m concerned (not much into the hunting/fishing/hiking thing) This was my first truck…and my first NEW(ish) vehicle EVER.  God I love my truck!  It drives like a luxury car on the road, and climbs over anything off road. 

With my photography, you wouldn’t believe where I find myself trying to get to…absolutely crazy sometimes.  My truck never even flinches!  I have yet to find a place my truck won’t go.

The problem out here in Central Oregon is that everyone from California thinks this is the place to be.  They all move up here, buy themselves a big truck or SUV and think they can drive in any conditions.  Yeah…it doesn’t work that way.  You should see these idiots try to drive in the snow.  They think 4 wheel drive means they can drive in the snow the same way they drive on dry pavement!  It’s scary as hell out there!  I watched one idiot run up over a sidewalk and hit a sign, another slide thru a busy intersection, another almost run into the espresso hut…and that was all within a few blocks of my house!  4 wheel drive does not mean you can slam on the breaks and still stop in the snow, or that you can still drive 70 down the freeway!  These people scare the crap out of me. 

And yes, I’m from California…but I like to think I’m smarter than that.  Actually, I just AM smarter than that…

Just ask me and I’ll tell you.

; )

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