Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Morning in the Twilight Zone

I'm remiss this morning...didn't get my muse posted. Couldn't find him actually. I'm pretty sure I woke up in the twilight zone today, and there are no muses here.

When I got to work this morning this video was in my inbox though. Got a chuckle out of it, I can use a chuckle where ever I can get one these days. My boss didn't think it was funny...but then he and I don't agree on much. We are on opposite ends of...well everything. Oh well, I thought it was funny.

I had every intention of rambling on about something this morning…probably best that I woke up in an alternate universe and didn’t get around to it. If it resembled anything like what I typed up while I watched the news with my morning coffee yesterday, it would have been very long and very ugly. I didn’t post that one...didn’t think anyone would really like to hear me bitch quite that much...I was really, really pissed. Too many idiots to even believe.

Today, here in the twilight zone...everything makes me go "Huh....look at that." And not in a good way.

When I woke this morning...

My alarm clock was…gone. Haven’t figured that out yet. It was there when I set it last night, gone when I woke up...late.
Turned on the computer, and my blog was broken. ½ gone even. It was there last night when I went to bed. Worked my ass off on it, and was pretty pleased with it. Now it's broken & missing most everything on it.
Went to warm up the truck… Snow on the ground…it was almost 70 this weekend. This morning an inch of snow.
Got my espresso, went to work…and had a BIG drop of melted snow fall from the roof…right into the little tiny hole in my cups lid. Nice shot.
Turned on the news…to find out that millions of people have lost their jobs, their homes, their money. But we are saved’s ok...because we have healthcare, and that’s what we all needed. To go to the doctor? It’s official...I’m crazy...maybe my new healthcare will give me the meds I obviously need, because I sure don't get it.

I need a laugh...or a pill...or maybe a support group?

Maybe Obama, Pelosi and Reid will be able to fix me. I sure hope they hurry.

Utopia awaits!

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