Monday, March 1, 2010

Reading Challenge: March Madness

Monthly Reading Challenge: March Madness

10 books / from 10 categories.  Should be fun.
All books to be M/M Romance
1. Read a book that you have chosen from the shelves of one of our March B-day Celebrants
2. Irish American Month - Read a book that is set in Ireland or features an Irish character, a pub or anything traditionally associated with Ireland
3. Hug a GI Day (3/4) - Select a book from the Best Gay Soldiers List
4. Take a Walk in the Park Day (3/30) - Pick a book with a pretty, outdoor setting on the cover
5. Daylight Savings Time (3/14) - Read a book with a time related title (time, hour, minute, second, day, night, etc…)
6. Group Hug - Pick a book written by one of our group members whose first or last name begins with the letter "M"
7. March Madness - Start a new series
8. Word Scramble - Read a book whose title or author contains all of these letters M-A-R-C-H
9. Ides of March - Read a book with a dark or foreboding theme
10. Book of your choice (BOM selection, Pick it for Me book, other challenge book, etc…)

Amora's picks:
1. March B-day Celebrants: ReneCade by Cameron Dane
2. Irish American Month...associated with Ireland: A Summer Without Rain by Christie Gordon
3. Hug a GI Day (3/4) - Select a book from the Best Gay Soldiers List: I'll Be Your Drill, Soldier by Crystal Rose
4. Take a Walk in the Park Day (3/30)...outdoor setting on the cover: Promises by Marie Sexton
5. Daylight Savings Time...time related title: ePistols at Dawn by ZA Maxfield
6. Group Hug: One Good Hand by Rowan McBride
7. March Madness...Start a new series: Oleander House by Ally Blue
8. Word Scramble...M-A-R-C-H: Ice Cream on the Side by Wren Boudreau
9. Ides of March...dark theme: Mind Fuck by Manna Francis
10. Book of your choice...Conquest by S.J. Frost

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