Saturday, March 27, 2010

Useless Silly Saturday Fun

With all of my digging around online lately, I have run into some fun and silly things.  So, for a little silly Saturday fun, I bring you...

 My Penis Name:  Good to know. Didn't even know I had one.  I had to find out what it was.  Boy am I glad I know now!  I got 2.  I did Amora first and got "The Bald Avenger".  I threw that one back.  I did my full name and I'm keeping it.

What they gave me...

Your Penis Name Is: King Kong
Keep it in your pants!

Fabio Hangman: Yes, Fabio Hangman.  Who'd have thought.  I used to play hangman alot growing up, Fabio Hangman just makes me laugh.

Mad Libs:  I loved these when I was a kid too, but I still don't know what a friggin' adverb is (why won't that one stick?), and I still run out of words to pick and get impatient.  Turns out I'm still such a child.
Black Dagger Brotherhood Madlibs
Historical Madlibs

Zombie Survival Skills:  So very important to have, as my daughter keeps telling me.  I actually found her a zombie survial maual for Christmas...she's so odd sometimes.  So I figured I better find out if I would make it thru an attack.  I am stil the mom afterall, but it doesn't look good for me.  I think my trying to rescue her is going to get me killed.  Maybe she won't need saving, she is the one with the survival guide after all.



  1. I love how your site is developing. Where do you find this stuff? I have got to see how I would survive a Zombie attack. But later.....

  2. Thanks!
    I know huh...better queston, who comes up with it?



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