Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yeah, figuring this blog out!

I obsess on the weirdest things.  I haven't even had the blog up a month yet, and I'm already completely redesigning it.  I swear, once those creative juices start flowing, I get lost in it.

I did some website design back about 10 years ago, and it turns out html is NOT like riding a bike!  I have wrecked this damn thing countless times!  Of course I didn't think to make a practice blog to play on until a week into things.  I swear, sometimes I just miss the most obvious things.

I'm almost happy with it, I think.  Coming along anyway.  There's just so many things I want to do, and of course I want to do them all at once, even though I have no idea what I'm doing!!  I tend to get a little ahead of myself with these things.  And I tend to rework things to death!  I do the same thing with my photography.  If I'm not careful I'll rework something until I drive myself mad.

I wonder if authors do that. 

Today, I figured out those damn slideshows.  That's been killing me.  I refuse to except that I can't do something, and I havn't been able to crack that one until today...yeah!  Now I've got clickable slideshows that actually go somewhere instead of just to picasa/photobucket.  I'm so excited...I may have made to many.  Oh well.  When I crack the code on something, I feel like a kid in a candy store :o)  Love it!

Well, off to figure a couple other, rather silly, things out. 

I wonder if I will EVER stop playing with the blog and actually get back to reading a book.  Can't seem to do both.


  1. Yes, we do. I'm totally obsessive about The Current Project, but I've learnt to let them go when they are done...

  2. I think it could be an artist thing. I'm still working on the letting go part myself ;)



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