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Book Musings: Interstellar Service & Discipline: Victorious Star by Morgan Hawke

Interstellar Service & Discipline: Victorious StarInterstellar Service & Discipline: Victorious Star by Morgan Hawke

Published:  September 28th 2004 by Loose Id (first published September 24th 2004)
Details: ebook, 298 pages
Characters: Aubrey Laslo Ravnos, Deshryt Seht, Victoria Stark

The Blurb:  Victoria Stark is an Imperial Navigations Pilot known among the sentient battleships as the Victorious Star—for sacrificing her captains to save her ships. Strong-willed and resourceful, she has never lost a ship she's flown—and never serviced a captain she's had.

Captain Ravnos of the Mercenary dreadnaught Hellsbreath rules his crew with an iron will. First Officer Seht is a skeldhi prince whose specialty is erotic discipline. They're on a mission, and in need of a nav-pilot.

Kidnapped into service on the Hellsbreath, Victoria is caught between two very different men locked in their own private and erotic power struggle. And then there's the mission…

The Moribund Company has captured the Imperial Dreadnaught Arcane, and intends to auction the sentient ship to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, Moribund himself is attending the auction and Ravnos is forced to remain onboard the Hellsbreath for Moribund has a personal vendetta against the handsome captain. It is up to Victoria and First Officer Seht to go deep undercover at the Mordred Space Station to rescue the Arcane.

To complete the mission and return to her duties as an Imperial Officer, Victoria must become Prince Seht's rehkyt—a pet, literally and figuratively. Not allowed on the furniture and kept at the end of a leash, Victoria discovers that there are worse things than servicing your captain. Or are there?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM (including bondage, domination/submission, whipping), menage (m/m/f), and homoerotic sexual situations (m/m, f/f). [close]

My Thoughts:  My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I see incredible reviews all over for this one. I tried to like this one, I really did, but I really couldn't get into it. I just couldn't connect with the heroine at all, she absolutely drove me nuts. I got half way through before I gave up.

Everything was forced. Forced sex, forced servitude, forced everything. By the time she was insisting on saving this other ship at any cost…without even questioning what that really means, I just couldn’t understand her motivation. I couldn’t really fully get on board with the alien with the double penis either. Didn’t really come around to that.  I would have like to know that was coming, it was odd to say the least.

Perhaps I’ll try to read this one another time, perhaps not. Right now I just couldn’t engage.  I will definately try something else by this author, but it probably won't be from this series.

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