Thursday, April 1, 2010

Free Book: All Romance Earth Day Series Showcase

I got this little tidbit today.  I'll do my best to keep up on all the freebies for you!

All Romance eBooks:  Earth Day Series Showcase

To celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd we are showcasing some great series books by offering the first in the series for free.

Each day from April 1 - April 21, there will be a new free eBook. Sample a new to you series and experience some fabulous authors you may have missed.

Today's series pick is the Bonded Fantasy series by Mima and Liquid Silver Books.

Book 1 - FREE

**Discount for FREE book will automatically apply after book is added to the cart**

Wild Within  by Mima

Published By: Liquid Silver Books
ISBN # 978-1-59578-398-1
Word Count: 85,680
Heat Index 3
Categories: Shape-shifter
Available in: Rocket, Mobipocket, Microsoft Reader, Adobe Acrobat, Epub

"You were all I had. No one but you can understand those words."

Choices. KarRa never had any in the Dark slums. Survival was a daily struggle for food and water. But the one thing KarRa did have was Rylan. She'd always had Rylan, from the first. He was all she really needed. Then Rylan made a choice that almost destroyed her. She had no choice except to survive without him. She learned, but she never stopped loving him.

"You left. And no one but you can understand that."

Then comes the day foretold, when Rylan has to face his Beast heritage if he wants to live. His destiny requires KarRa's blind sacrifice. She was ready to face any fate, except the one they offer: Rylan. For the first time a girl from the streets has choices laid at her feet: to start fresh, alone, or to forgive, to trust, to love. When life is about more than just survival, it gets complicated.

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