Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Muse...

With everything going on,  I forgot all about telling you guys who my muse was on Monday.  Shame on me.

My Monday muse was Lost Boys...Billy Wirth! 

This will help...

And here Billy just being...yummy...

I wouldn't have guessed him from that first pic.  But he's still hot isn't he.


  1. @ Artemis- you know, I'm not sure. If Barbara swings by, maybe she'll be able to tell us. I couldn't even fool her, she knew right who he was. If anyone knows, it'll be her!

    @Eyre- thanks!

  2. @ Artemis- Found it.

    "looking for acting and directing projects. He has also opened his own online Art Gallery and completed a new film The Drone Virus, plus a feature for director Andrew Wagner called The Talent Given Us."

    I'll put his art up at the FB. It's cool.



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