Friday, April 23, 2010

My Newest Place on Facebook

I've still been awfully busy at all of these different places.  I think I may like making all these blogs and pages;  I've just made another. 

I've been playing around on Facebook a little, and now we've got a couple new goodies.  Including a discussion board we can chat books in!  Here's what we've got...

Amora's Blog Place

Yay, my own little Facebook page.  It's a more interactive place, where you can post all kinds of goodies too.

There is a discussion board where we can talk books and such, and who know what else. 

Should be fun, come visit me over there and let's discuss, share...just hang!

I've got my new Facebook profile where I place endlessly now.  I've discovered all kind of fun little goodies over there.  This has become a nice little place to play. 

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