Monday, April 19, 2010

We have a Winner! Barbara Sheridan, COME ON DOWN!

That's right, we have a winner! 

Barbara Sheridan, COME ON DOWN!

Nope.  I didn't know we were having a contest, so there wasn't really one to enter.  Totally going off the cuff here.  I do that.  Keeps things interesting ;) 

Eventually, you are all going to meet her.  She's my new bestest author ever, and you'll be seeing a lot around here about her in the weeks and months to come; beginning with her and Aleksandr Voinov's release of Clean Slate this week.  But...that's not what this is about.

She may also be the nicest, BESTEST person ever.  (yes that's a word.  bestest.)  And, she might be my new BFF. 

Barbara, you totally ROCK!  I know, I told you that already, but now I have to tell everybody else too!  You rock like the bestest ever!  I can't keep it in!

Honey, you sooo win the first ever, Amora's Place contest...that we didn't even know we were having!

For being the biggest, bestest the history of commenters;  going all thru this blog AND My Bitchin' Place....and commenting all over the place...I have a present for you. 

Earlier I didn't know what you might like, so I was going to go rumage thru my flowers or landscapes maybe, but you just left yet another awesome, totally treasured comment over at My Bitchin' Place...2 more it looks like.  Now... I may have something just for you! 

Since it seems you love my boy too...(and I love looking at him)...I'll share him with you.  (I don't share, so this is big.)

Everyone else...hands off our boy!  I'll find you a different one when it's your turn.  You'll have a turn, I promise.   ;)

From me to you Barbara...

Nikki Sixx

Silly boy!

How adorable is he!

Nikki and a panther...are there words?

Now that just hot!

He's even sexy in the morning! 
My alarm clock/phone pic I wake up to every morning.

My boy still ROCKS!

Young Nikki
(my fav young Nikki, Shout at the Devil, and yes, I LOVED Vince too.)

And the icing...because I really, REALLY like you, and I've had SUCH a fun time playing with you on the blogs...

I give to you...

old(er), still totally hot...

...mostly naked...


Ummmm, my boy.  He's sooo still got it!

Thanks, Barbara.  You made me smile so big, for so my dear are the winner! 

I hope you enjoyed your prize my dear!  I sure did ;) 

Everyone else, sorry, that wasn't at all fair for our first contest.  I'll do better next time.  I promise, I'll tell you next time we have a contest. HA! I'll even let you enter! 

(or maybe I'll just pick someone else at random and shower them with gifts.  That was fun!!!)


  1. This right here would be my drool from that last picture alone. O. M. G. Those tattoos are O. M. G. an I don't generally even like tattoos.


  2. It doesn't quite show on my end as a link but the phrase "This right here" is in fact a link so click it woman!

  3. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Yeah, I have something set wrong with my darn link "look", whatever you call it. I built this idea what I'm doing thou!

    You crack me up! I wasn't a big tat girl either. Am now! If we were on the playground, I'd have maybe shared totally naked Nikki too...but honestly these were better. Totally naked turned out not to be his best shot :(

    Glad you enjoyed your special prize! That was fun. I like prizes!! Vamps next time my dear!



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