Thursday, May 13, 2010

Almost Friday!

Yay, it's almost Friday!  It's still a bit rough around here, but I wanted to thank everyone for you good wishes yesterday.  You guys are so awesome.

My little "Things to be Miserable About" list made me grin, so I'm going to doing it again. 

Another 10 things...

11. Flavorless food
12. The glow of enemy campfires
13. Not getting the joke
14. Rhinovirus
15. Impoverished balloon artists
16. The Donner Party
17. Male pattern baldness
18. Female pattern baldness
19. Imitation crab meat
20. The day after Christmas

Cool. I don't have any of those things going on so...cheers! And I grinned again, so...double cheers!


  1. I've got to get a copy of this book!

    I'd have to add cat vomit and noisy neighbors to the list today!

  2. LOL. Some are hysterical. Some…not funny at all.

    Glad you like the list. Love your additions. Cat vomit…definitely should be on the list! Noisy neighbors too.

    Sometimes thinking happy thoughts… “The sun is shining and birds are singing”…just doesn’t do it for me.

    Now… “At least a bug didn’t just fly up your nose”…just makes me laugh a little. :)

  3. I have strong feelings about impoverished balloon artists too. I'm actually thinking of starting a support group.

  4. @Kris: lol. Poor impoverished balloon artists. A support group would be good.




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