Monday, May 17, 2010

Barbara Sheridan ~ The Book List

I swear.  Would you take a look at this book list?  Where does one even begin.  All books are linked, so you can click each one to find out more info.

*shakes head* wow.  That's a lot of books.  Nice.  There is even a new one coming later this year I think with Aleksandr Voinov.  Oh yeah.  Heard a very exciting rumor that they have all the contract goodies in place for First Blood, the sequel to Clean Slate.

Go on, ask me if I'm excited about that.  HELL YEAH!

Until then, here's the all the books she's got to keep us busy with. 

Barbara Sheridan ~ The Book List

Historicals, Contempory and Paranormal time travel books. 

Falling Through Glass

Barbara Sheridan and Aleksandr Voinov

Clean SlateClean Slate (Novella)
Risky Maneuvers (Novella) Coming July 2010

Barbara Sheridan and Anne Cain

Lost SoulsSecret Moon [ChildsPrey 4]Blood Brothers (Short Story)
Orange Moon (Novel)
Winter Song (Short Story)
Under A Silver Moon (Novel)
Secret Moon (Novel)
Their Lover (Novella)
Alliances (Novel)
Lost Souls (Novel)


  1. *pssst*

    Forgot one. It's available used in paperback.
    Silver Rain

  2. *blushes* Oops. Sorry. Fixed it :)

  3. I figure if this week is my chance to feel all diva like I might as well go all the way, right? ^_^

  4. Hopefully that's the only thing I'll miss this much stuff!

    Can't be putting you on a partial pedestal, all the way baby!

    I'm feeling the need to find another song...



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