Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Barbara Sheridan Week ~ Intermission

Ok.  Ever just have one of those days?  Amora is having one and it's on damn it.  We are going Black Mamba on this shit.  Unfortunately, even Black Mamba's surrounded at the moment.

It's time to kick some ass. 

My blog is hinky again, at this point I can only hope it will even post this.  Darn thing is eating my comments and I seem to have lost some scheduled posts too.  Silly girl.  I already had this learning opportunity back when I lost my Special Forces review.  Ha! I got lazy again and stopped saving copies like I was.

Lessons will be repeated until learned.

Lucky me, my second schoolin' has come with my Barbara Sheridan uber goodness.  My week of blog love may have just turned into a week + so I can get my shit together again.  *shrugs* It'll end up a good thing, I do work better under pressure.

In the meantime,  I wanted to turn you on to a really cool contest over at  Kris 'n' Good Books .  She's totally the shit and this contest has got to be the most creative I've seen in my short time out here.  She's calling it "Guess Who's Who" and has so graciously *curtsy to Kris* (yep, curtsy is all you get, I bow to no one on my own fucking blog *smooch* not even you ) extended the deadline to noon on Sunday, May 23rd.

You can't miss it, totally impressive if you ask this little baby blogger.  Here's her little blurb about it.

And YEAH, we get to have our own contest giveaway too.  I'm so friggin' excited, it's taken me 2 days I think to come down enough to even mention it!

My very first blog contest EVER!!!!!!! 

Do NOT expect anything from me like you see over at Kris 'n' Good Books.  That's just way over friggin' head.  We're going to start a little simpler. 


I'll be back after this very brief intermission with some very cool Barbara Sheridan goodness.


Now I'm off to regroup for my Barbara Sheridan week of blog love.  It's just going to end up being better than ever now, I just know it!

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  1. Ugh - lots of people have been having comment problems this evening. Blogger is messed up today! Losing scheduled posts - you're the first person to mention that. Ouch.



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