Thursday, May 6, 2010

Book Musings: My Review of Tailspin by Denise Rossetti

Published:  January 31st 2007 by Ellora's Cave
Details:  Ebook and Print, 400 pages
Characters:  Fledge, Miriliel the Burnished (Mirry), Janarnavriel the Noir (Jan)
Literary Awards:  Passionate Plume, Three Recomended Reads, Staff Pick …more Passionate Plume, Three Recomended Reads, Staff Pick, Loves Romances
Series:  Book 2 in the Phoenix Rising

The Blurb:  From his magnificent tawny wings to his wicked feathery tail, Miriliel the Burnished is masculine perfection.

One glance and Fledge knows she's outclassed. After all, she's a small, ordinary circus girl with no education, no looks and no prospects. Mirry's not only a warrior of the Aetherii but also a scholar of renown. Mesmerized by the power of his personality and her desire to be mastered, Fledge gives herself up for lost. But she can't help thinking if only she had wings, she'd soar with Mirry in a Mating Flight for the ages. If only...

Mirry has lots of things on his oh-so-clever mind. An ageless demon captured his friend, Janarnavriel the Noir, and it's using the dark warrior's beautiful body for a perverted playground. All Mirry has to do is rescue his friend, finish his encyclopedia and educate Fledge. By the time he's finished, she'll know how to read, write and submit for her pleasure -- and his. In between, he needs to kill a deathless demon, sort out his complicated feelings for Jan and show Fledge the secret of an Aetherii orgasm.

Not to worry. He's made a list...

My Thoughts:   4 of 5 stars

I was really looking forward to reading this one, I liked it, but I didn't love it as much as Gift of the Goddess. The story was very well written, the characters well developed, and the world the author has created keeps me coming back for more. As with the other books I've read by this author, the book was really HOT! However, I just wasn't feeling the connection between all the characters towards the end.

I absolutely fell in love with Fledge and Mirry, and I enjoyed the relationship that developed between them.  Mirry was awesome! Hot winged fellow that he was.  I liked Jan as well, but I just wasn't feeling his connection in Fledge and Mirry's relationship.  Hopefully the authors not done with this series.  I would love to see Jan get a book of his own. He's a great character with a great story and I really need more closure with him.

I would definitely recommend this one to my fellow MMF lovers, it was a really good read and will be going on my 'never getting rid of this book' shelf. I look forward to Strongman next!

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