Monday, May 3, 2010

Contest at Raev Gray's site: Signed copy of Test of Faith!

How much do I love a contest. lol, how much do I love THIS contest? 

I just saw this over on Raev Gray's site. Awesome. Not just a contest. A contest for a signed by both authors print copy contest.

Sweet.  ebooks are great and all, but I go gaga over beautiful DTBs.  You have no idea what a beautiful book on a bookshelf does to me.  Signed?  No clue what I'd do...never-ever had one before.  I thing I neeeeeeed one (as my daughter would say).  Hell, who doesn't?!

Did you get a load of the cover on this puppy?  I just love that.  What I wouldn't give to have that on my shelf! I'm such a book freak.  Ummmm books.

Check it out over on her

"Test of Faith" has been set loose into the wild! It is available via Smashwords, and will be released via eXcessica on Monday, May 3. To celebrate, I am holding a contest. I have one signed (by both authors) print copy available to win. This copy is available in the US or Canada only. British and European readers can win a copy over at Aleksandr's blog. Since we live across the pond from each other, we try to keep shipping costs to a minimum.

To enter, all you need to do is click the Contact form above and leave me your name, email address, and a message of some variety. One winner will be (randomly) chosen on May 15. I'll announce the winner on this website and on my blog, and I'll also contact that person.

And now...I'm off!  Got a release party to check out.  This shit's so fun to me.  Maybe release parties are fun to.  Of course they does say party right?  Right.

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