Thursday, May 27, 2010

Final day to enter...or is it?

Well would you look what I did.  Silly girl.  I was all ready to post a "final day to enter the contest" type thing and discovered I have not 1 but 2 final days.  *laughs*  I guess I've still got to work on figuring out this contest thing out.  I'm thinking that knowing when your own contest ends might be a good place to start.  *blushes* Maybe next time.

Since it appears I've picked both Thursday the 27th AND Friday the 28th as the final day to enter, we'll just go ahead and call it Friday. 

*laughs* Gotta love a baby blogger with so many exciting firsts all happening at once that she has no idea what's happening on her own blog! 

So, this is not the last day...tomorrow is.  Plenty of time left, come on over and play contest with me :))

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