Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Mayhem: May 17

Oh, that's right.  Mayhem.  That's me...all week.  Everywhere I go, I will cause mayhem.  *evil laugh* Everywhere-I-go.

Muse is looking well I think.  Verra nice.  A sexy samurai muse.  I've never had a samurai muse before.  I like him.

Swords.  mmmmm, swords. 

Looking thru all this cool stuff Barbara Sheridan sent me has me with some samurai goodness on the brain.

He will be helping me cause my mayhem this week.  Doesn't get any better than that.  Oh wait, yes it does, lets do two muses.  2 is always better than 1. 

Double mint good.

I'm starting to get my groove back a bit.  Sort of.  Feels good so far this week. :))

Here's what's coming down....

Stuff by or about, or perhaps just inspired by ~ Barbara Sheridan.  It's Barbara Sheridan week you know. :))

Monday: Barbara Sheridan ~ The Book List
Tuesday:  Finally did my review of Clean Slate by Aleksandr Voinov and Barbara Sheridan.
Wednesday:  Funny funny.  We all need some laughter. 
Thursday:  Ha! Willynilly.  Barbara Sheridan so, stuff about Barbara Sheridan. :P
Friday:  Yummy candy ready and waiting for you.
Saturday:  An Excerpt from Samauri Captive by Barbara Sheridan.  Finally got that together too. :)
Sunday:  More of the willynilly.

I like the willynilly.  heehee, fun to type too.  Spell check doesn't like it though.

What else...

Over at the Playground I'm Amora codename "Black Mamba". Yeah.  Last week, I was Iron Man ~ this week, that's right,  *use movie voice* Amora, codemane "Black Mamba".  Can't explain further, you just have to go see. ;)
Kind of slacking over there. *shrugs* What's a girl to do?  Can't play all the time right?  Well, I guess I could if I didn't get addicted to Facebook.  But I did, so... willynilly over there.

I'll see what I can so about getting out to play more over on the Playground.  I expect some of Barbara Sheridan's goodness might just show up over there too.  Woman's got enough stuff to fill many blogs.

Can't promise anything thou...except Saturday's candy.  I need the fun to badly.  Purely selfish of me really.  Running low on pics though.  Better go hunting. *dramaticly puts hand on forehead* such a chore.

Have a great week!



  1. Be careful, Black Mamba - GORGON might hire you :)

  2. You're a busy bee! :) I'll def check in again later this week! *hugs*

  3. @Aleks: Heck yeah they will. I am one bad, scary, well trained Black Mamba chick...they already want me... BAD!

    @Janna: buzzBuzzz. So true! Barbara just gave me more too!! YAY! Thanks for swinging by!

  4. "Willynilly" is a great word! Don't let spell check tell you differently.

  5. @Eyre: I never do. My words are better than their words are. I say so all the time :)



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