Saturday, May 8, 2010

Not my scheduled blog post.

On a good note  How do you like Mr. April showers bring May flowers?  I think I let him hang for the month. I like his... flowers.

On a not as good note:  Tsk, Tsk, this was not the post I promised you today.  For shame on me.  I'm starting to not like the Monday schedule.  I was wondering how long it would take to get to behind. 

This long...LOL.  Had a pretty good run I think.  Can't believe I pulled it off as long as I did!  LOL, not too bad for making this up as I go while being completely clueless and totally overwhelmed.

I actually had several things in mind for the blog.  My boss Tweedle Dum threw a stack of papers at me, grunted a little and said I was going on a trip.  A trip?  I have blogs to play with.  So much more fun.

Hee, hee.  Talked him into sending DD too (we work together), and it turns out she was driving me the 3 hours for a special mother's day this weekend anyway.  Yay me.  My business trip just turn into a weekend away trip.  Sweet.  The meeting only lasts 4 hrs, the rest... ahhhhh.  And we won't be able to drive back, so diner and the hotel is on the company.  Another ahhhhh.

But, it messes with the blog.  Damn.  Poor little blog. 

I promised you that great excerpt from Barbara Sheridan's book.  Sorry.  I actually do feel bad about that.  It's a good one, and she rocks.  I'm very excited to blather about her on the blog for a bit, but couldn't properly blather in time, and you just can't rush these things.  I mean really.  Did you catch my interview?  How awesome is she?  Yeah, she deserves a proper gushing over, and I have to dive into all these books she's got.  They look so friggin' good.

So, we're going to try all that again next week.

I also wanted to throw out some blog love.  I've been traveling around some really cool blogs lately, and wanted to turn you on to them.  LOL.  Didn't get that done before I leave either.

I did manage to get a cool new button up on the sidebar for a contest I saw over on the Gutter Girls blog.  Their blog is way cool.  If you've not been over there, you have to check it out.  And hey, who doesn't love a contest right?  Right.

Gotts-ta run off now.  Haven't even packed yet, and we leave early.  I wonder if I'll be able to figure out how to use the laptop from the hotel this time.  Didn't work out so well last time I tried.  I hope so.  How will I ever live off line for that long?! 

I'm addicted.  It's offical.

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