Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thanks so much...

The strangest thing happened yesterday. Well, strange for me anyway.  Strange... and greatly appreciated.
This new blog ~ online world is really tripping me out. As you know, I’ve only been out here for a few months now…everything is still pretty new for me. It’s all been a lot of fun, but I’ve just got to say…I can NOT get over the people I’ve met out here. 

I try to be a bit ‘happier’ out here on the blog, I save most of my bitching and my woes for the bitchin’ place so as not to dampen the blogs too much. Those less fortunate few who have the privilege of reading that are the only ones who glimpse the crappier side of life, and me.  Bless their hearts,*laughs* they actually keep reading. They're so the shit.  You rock.

Not sure why exactly, but I put up a post yesterday about my guy's mother and her surgery- out here instead of in there. As soon as the confirmation screen came up…I regretted posting it. It didn’t feel right. So I immediately tried to edit or delete it.

Someone was already commenting on it. Huh?

So I went to see what was up with that, and sure as shit, within seconds someone was sending well wishes. That boggled my mind. I replied back.

Got uncomfortable again a few minutes later and went back to delete it. 2 more people were already commenting and well wishing. Unbelievable.

That happens quite a bit. I’ll post something, somewhere, even in the bitchin’ place, and go immediately back to change or delete it, and one of my new friends will be playing or well wishing or just saying everything will be ok. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. (and so quickly too…lol, are you guys watching me?)  People offering support, authors giving me books because I lost mine, WTF?  I'm floored.  I'm simply not used to this level of kindness and generosity.
Amazing. You are all truly amazing to me. 

In my real world life it seems as if no one cares about anyone or anything outside themselves anymore.  It's sad.  But what gets me don't even know me!  You blow my mind. 

I just have to say, all of you touch me deeply (which makes me get all mushy).  I don't know if you know it, but you're all very special.  You all warm my heart and you make my day.

This blog shit rocks…and I think I could cry.

Silly girl.

To the friends that saw the post before I deleted it and sent your well wishes...thank you.  They tell me the surgery went well and she's doing as well as she can at this point, so that's good.  Thank you again.




  1. I'm so glad things went well! You'll have to keep us updated.

  2. Thanks for the update - glad it went well!

    And yeah, blogging's pretty amazing. Wait 'til the first time you meet some of your blogging peeps. :)

  3. Thanks you guys.

    Blogging peeps. Nice. I'd probably pass out from the excitment. :)

  4. Warn someone of the possibility so they can catch you! ;)

  5. Glat that things went so well!! My best wishes!!


  6. @ Chris: LOL. I will.

    @Arzu: *waves* Howdy neighbor! Thanks. :)



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