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The Writers Corner: Barbara Sheridan

Ok.  First and foremost, you know already, I know, but still.  I like saying it...remember?  That's right...say it with me now...

Okay, okay.  On with today's Author Blog Love goodnes. Guess what. I have a new idea. I know I promised you the Samurai Captive excerpt today, but we’re going to do that tomorrow instead.  We're shakin' it up, and I am lovin’ my new idea.  I’m calling it….

...wait for it...

The Writers Corner

(What do you think? *snicker* I think I like it. Sounds all official.)

Here’s the thing. Since I started my blog, I've found that I have a lot more questions for authors.  Questions I never really allowed myself to think on before.  "What inspired you?" type questions. *pfft* what was I going to do...ask them?  No.  So what was the point?

Not so anymore. Now that my blog has given me the opportunity to "meet" some fan-tabulous authors, sometimes I actually can ask them. Or they give me cool tidbits about themselves, their books, or characters. *shakes head* what a cool thing. 

(*crosses arms* unless they tell me *glares* my favorite alpha of all time looks like someone I can’t accept. *glares harder* you know who you are.  Yeah, *gnashes teeth* I give you bold type and all.)

*regains composure* 

Any-ee-way... ( :P )

The Writer's Corner is going to be my place for that kind of stuff.  The author coolness, behind the scenes, what's up with that, kind of things that I get my hands on. Whatever that may end up being. 

Lucky me, Barbara Sheridan has been one of those coolest of authors, and I've gotten my hot little hands on some of that very thing.  And I'm here to share.

How perfect for our first Writer's Corner. 

*coughs* Okay...*clears throat* without further ado, I step aside and I bring you my latest brain child...

The Writer's Corner
Barbara Sheridan

Barbara Sheridan:  When reading do you ever wonder as I do: "How/why did they come up with that?"

If you have I thought I'd make use of this blog space and tell the story behind the story. So, here goes:

It's so cool to see folks have put this on their TBR shelves. I know I'm biased but I feel Falling Through Glass is a book that will appeal to many readers. Paranormal fans will love the time travel element, historical fans will enjoy following Emmi back to 19th century Japan and all romance fans are sure to love watching Emmi fall head over heels for the handsome young samurai she first glimpsed in a rummage sale mirror.

They always say write what you love and my loves of all things paranormal and 19th century history have influenced many of my stories, but it wasn't until I stumbled upon a cartoon--or more specifically a Japanese anime--courtesy of my daughter that I became fascinated with 19th century Japanese history.

The anime in question was Rurouni Kenshin and the hands down coolest character to appear was a an antiheroic former samurai now cop names Saitou Hajime. Saitou-san was the coolest bad boy ever and when I found out he was based on a real samurai who went on to become a cop I knew I had to find out all I could.

That quest for information brought me in contact with some other folks on the same quest and we've been friends ever since. Hell, I think we crossed from friends to unofficial family eons ago ^_^

Here's a little taste of Kenshin with a trailer from IMDB. And if you really want to get a feel for the scary world my LA born Emmi Maeda falls into you can watch an awesome full length movie-When the Last Sword is Drawn--featuring the samurai troop Shinsengumi (who play an important role in my book) also on IMDB via Hulu.

Kobozuka Youske the inspiration for  my Falling Through Glass hero Nakagawanomiya Kaemon

Tanihara's best role evar and the one that continues to fuel my writing muse.
Video for Falling Through Glass

See? Didn't I tell you?  Cool.  I think that's cool.  I like learning the behind the book/about the author stuff. 

Yeah.  I think all that rocks.

See ya!


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