Thursday, June 3, 2010

Amora off the deep end...

Going, going...gone.  You'd think that Amora on vacation would be good.  *laughs* Amora was sure hoping.  Actually, it's been pretty typical so far.  Unusual monsoon type friggin' storms, attack of the Alfred Hitchcock type birds, emergency work problems and the like.  Oh, yeah, and the newlyweds in the room next door are pretty busy.  Headboard is just a banging away on the wall behind me as we speak.

Those are the highlights, I'll spare you the rest of the gory details and just share the result.  A new brand of crazy.   Last time I went nuts I became Iron Man, then Amora codename Black Mamba.  *laughs* that last crazy actually formed a kick ass posse.  Oh yeah, we have an Amora's Place Posse.  I've not shared that over here.  Soon grasshoppers, I promise.  But first, we have Amora gone vacation crazy.

*insert crazy accent* I would like for you to meet my little friend...

This is Tristan, my new vacation friend.

Yep, Tristan.  And yes, Tristan is a pirate.  (Thought he wouldn't be?)

Say hello Tristan.


Don't give me your argh crap.  *Pft* I told you about that.

"Aye, so ye did."  *clears throat*  "Arrrr, hello, how be you all?"  *whispers* "better me lady?"

Aye, I mean, yes Tristan.  That's much better, thank you.

So, Tristan and I went out and about in the monsoon type rains I've brought with me.  That was a mistake, but with Tristan being a seafaring man I figured we'd manage.

We decided to head down to Newport, so we went for a little road trip.  Turns out Tristan isn't all that fond of trucks.

"Arrr, I kept fallin' o'er. Gar, where can I find a bottle o'rum?"

We don't have any rum.  I keep telling you that.  Now pay attention.

"Aye, we need t'get some rum.  Ye'll ne'er get me buried booty!"

Damn it Tristan, I don't want your friggin' buried booty.  Now focus!


I had to pick a pirate didn't I.  *shakes head*  Me and my bad boys.

Anyway, we stopped off at Rocky Creek Bridge on HWY 101

"Aye, it was rainin' hard and me lady made me ta stand out thar.  What be'tis picture ye keeps yakkin' 'bout."

Come here, I'll show you...

Ok, so then we headed on down to Newport, my favorite place to photograph the boats.  Warf is all torn up, under construction and most of the boats were gone.  So we headed on down to the Bay Bridge...

Then I thought he may like to see the Sea Lions.

Turns out, he wasn't a big fan.
"Argh.  Did ye not smell that me lady?  Argh! and that thar' noise!"

Yeah, he wasn't a fan.  So we quickly ran down to brave the rain at Nye Beach instead.

That's where we were when we got the call from the office and had to head back up to the hotel.  While we were up dealing with all that vacation fun-ness, the monsoon let up and the sun tried to come out, so Tristan and I ran for the beach.

I kept telling him we don't really swim in the ocean here.  It's freezing cold.  He just wouldn't listen.  I swear, every time I turned my back, there he'd go again, straight for the water.

Damn it Tristan.  You're going to catch your death.  Get out of there!


*grumbles* Friggin' argh...I swear.

After I finally got him to quit playing around, we headed back down to Siletz Bay for a minute...

The clouds actually parted there for a minute which was nice.  I do so love the bays here.  Ran down a snapped the pylons...

Then we came back.  That was about it.  A whole hour or so of no monsoon. :))  Beggars can't be choosy can they.  By the time the sun went down it was looking like another storm was coming.  We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Hope you all are having a great week!

Hopefully Amora the photographer with the itchy trigger finger is going to be able to take some real photographs soon.  But thank goodness Tristan gave me at least some cellphone picture fun (cellphone cameras are just borderline sacrilege to this photographer! I must have my Nikon!!)  If we have another storm, who know what kind of crazy is going to come out!




  1. Despite the rain it looks like you and Tristan had a good time.

  2. Yeah. Even saw a bear. Well, a bear butt. It counts.

  3. Tristan is very photogenic.

  4. LMBO @ Tristan!

    I guess I'll have to take Peter, my sock monkey, with me next time I go out of town.

  5. @Kris: Isn't he thou. It wasn't easy hookin' me some good pirate. Most are fat and ugly you know. And they smell. They're not all Johnny Depp, that's for sure. :))

    @Eyre: LOL, gotta love my Tristan. Definitely have to take Peter. You never know when you may go a little nuts. Thank goodness I got to fondle my Nikon was getting a little scary. :)

    I really did see a pirate dude today. lol, swear to it. Good ol' boy walking down the street. Eye patch and all. Had a cast or something that gave him a peg leg look too... very interesting. Wanted to take his picture, but I was more than a little afraid of him.

  6. This is a lovely jaunt with Tristan! But then, I have a weakness for pirates... ;)

  7. @SVZ: Another pirate lover...nice. I am rather enjoying my little Tristan there. Fun little vacation buddy that one ;)



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