Sunday, June 27, 2010

Amora's back, with a special thanks.

Black Mamba's plum worn out. That secret mission stuff... is hard.

I'm taking a nap.

*stretch* mmmmm.



hmm. *shakes head*

Hey. * big grin* How's it goin'.

(That's me. Don't tell anyone, but I really don't look like that sexy Uma, heehee, don't I wish.  I'm much more... casual.  Like this Uma. ;)  )

Secret Mission over.  And you know what?

Amora's tired too.

That didn't really go as planned.  Well, not that I had a real plan, but, to tell you the truth...  I kinda lost the momentum after last weekends migraine.

Darn technical difficulties just ... yeah...

takes it out of you.

Sorry.  It was fun thou.  *grin*  fun is always good.

The point of the whole silly thing was to post the Clean Slate Sequel, un-edited First Blood excerpts Barbara Sheridan gave me.  *blushes*  It wasn't supposed to take 2 weeks to get to it.

Silly girl.


I try real hard.


You can catch both of those coolest ever unedited excerpts here.
First Blood, (pre-edits) by Aleksandr Voinov and Barbara Sheridan
How much do I love that.  I think unedited stuff is... special.  Uber-special.  And they let little ol' me play with it.  heehee.  cloud 9 here.  *giggles* unedited.  cool.

Sorry, I'll try to focus.  (Don't expect too much thou)

I have 1000 ... no 1000 and 1 things to share on the blog.  I have found so many cool things, funny things, whatever... just friggin' things.  Cool things left and right!

If things aren't enough, there are new books coming out this week I want to gush on.  New authors I've met that are really cool.  Wanna gush on them too.

Oh yeah.  I actually managed to read a book.  whoo whoo!

go reading, go reading.

Loved it.  Want to tell you all about it.

Too much to tell now.  I'm sure I'll be rapid firing things at you left and right like a crazy girl.

I mean a willnilly girl. ;)

In the meantime, I wanted to say, with all seriousness...

to Barbara Sheridan and Aleksandr Voinov, because I think letting me post unedited excerpts...

is really friggin' awesome.

*grins like a little kid* I love that.  Totally beyond cool.  I give you a big ol' heartfelt...

Thank you.

I also wanted to say...

To some of my awesome posse members who came thru and left comments...

Nikita, you are cute as all get out.  You always make me smile. :)
Frank, because that was just friggin' cool.  Unexpected and totally cool. :)
Ultraviolet, for joining in the fun.  I hope we get to have much more. :)
McGyver, for popping by, I promise, you won't be in training for long. :)

And to the coolest authors ever...

Aleksandr Voinov, again, but this time for playing along... unexpectedly.  That was so cool.  Extra thanks for your unexpected blog play, and while you were so darned busy. :))  You so totally rock.
Brita Addams, my new friend who popped in to play with me, and during such a hectic new release time too!  Awesome.
A.B. Gayle, my newest friend who also popped in, I can't wait to play some more :))

So very cool you guys.  Each time you all breezed thru, you put a huge childish grin on my face.  *blushes* yes, I was even giddy.

I don't get giddy, so... shhhh, that'll be our secret.  Giddy is just not very bad you know, so we can't let that get out.

A super duper special shout out ultra thanks to my loving daughter Mia Love, aka The Phoenix, aka little shit. ;)

You're awesome.  Mommy loves you.

See you for laundry this afternoon.  Call me first.  Oh and we're not watching 4 friggin' movies today... you little freak.

And... finally...

All of you who kept coming buy to read my silly secret mission...

*big, big, smooch*

Ok.  You all get a big smooch.



I'll be back later.

See ya!



  1. @Miranda: Thanks *big big smile* I'm so glad you had fun.

    Thanks soooo much for playing with me. You rock. :))

  2. That was great Amora! Looking fwd to the next mission. Loved the humouous end and your creativity! You really need to read Alek's book "Collateral" if you haven't already:)))

  3. @Karen: Thanks :)) I started Collateral but got sidetracked with new SF. heehee, what can I say. Just had to start that instead. :))



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