Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ava March ~ Interview and giveaway

tsk tsk.  So remiss.  I talked about it all over Facebook... but I don't think I mentioned it over here.  *laughs* I think I'm getting all my places mixed up.  It was bound to happen with so many.

There is a really great interview over at Brita Addam's place.  She sat down with Ava March for a terrific interview, and they are doing a giveaway for her book From Afar, an awesome sounding m/m vamp regency book.

You know you want to win that. I know I sure do. :)

You've got until Sunday at midnight to go and comment on interview, and they'll be choosing a winner from the commenters on Monday, the 14th.


  1. :( It was a short one. And I didn't do very well with the pimpage :( mind melt and all. oops.



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