Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Dose of Humor: Pics, a story and a video

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday.  Humor sounds good today I think.  I'm in the mood for some funny.

Here's a few things I'm come across digging around..  If you've seen these already, forgive me.  I'm still in a bit of a fog.  Coming off of vacation always does that to me.  Add that to blog fun...  yeah.  Anyway.  These made me giggle today, so... there you go ;)

Have a splendid day.



Just cute. :)

How about a video.  Have I shared this already?  Either way, this makes me laugh.  Out loud.  When I saw this on tv, I laughed until I about cried, when I watch it now....yep, same.  

It's probably so funny to me because DD and I have a bird in the house story.   A robin in the house story, similar to this video, except it was me, my friends teenage daughter, her sister, and my young daughter.

I'd just gotten home from work, so I'm dressed up;  Heels, skirt, nice. Office Admin. and I'm tired.  Come in and  see a friggin' dead bird in the house.  DD's tom cat brought in as some kind of twisted offering. Ask me if I'm happy. 

I reach down to do something with it to get it out...gross...girls standing around watching, being total girls.  
4 pinker pinks you never did see!

That friggin' thing comes back to life, all feisty like.  He is PISSED.  Not happy AT ALL.

Do you know what it does to 4 ultra pinks...all leaning over...cautiously...with a stick...poking a dead bird in your living room ... and have it jump your face?  

I swear it.  I hope you never experience such a thing.  Especially in high heels.  With young girls.

Back and forth, to and fro, screaming ultra pink girls, all in a row, running, more screaming, as a wounded, crazed, pissed off robin chases us.  down the hall.  thru the living room.  and back.  

We looked like some kind of Benny Hill skit.

The girls are looking to me to protect them.  I'm the mom after all.  Yeah.  Not happening.

I'm leading the Benny Hill ultra pink parade.  I can't protect my self.  I want to jump up on the friggin' dining room table and sacrifice the girls to the friggin bird. 

Oh.  And the smug friggin' giant black tom cat is just sitting watching.  Cleaning his paws, smug as can be.  

Back and forth, to and fro.  

You know. Come to think of it.  I don't remember how we got the damn bird out of the house.  I think I may have blacked out or something.  Blocked the rest of the horror.

Welcome to my world.  

Maybe DD will come tell me what happens after that to rid the foul creature from my abode.  *scratches head*  I swear  I can't remember.  huh.  I wonder how we got out of that one...?

Oh yeah.  This was about a video.  Got a little side tracked.  Sorry.  All that was just to say, yeah.  I can relate.



  1. Aww, the kitty pic is so cute. And that video made me laugh out loud too. :)

  2. I love the video! Modern Family is awesome. I have to say that your bird story is fabulous. I have a friend who is terrified of birds. We had to ask to change tables in a restaurant once because of an ominous looking stuffed rooster.

  3. @Lily: I'm glad you liked it :)

    @Eyre: That show cracks me up. Glad you liked it. lol, I hate ominous looking stuffed birds when I'm trying to eat. Yeah, we have that here, and it's creepy.

    It's not so much birds... normally. Just this kind. :) and chipmunks too. pretty much any wildlife in my house. yeah- outside please. :)



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