Monday, June 21, 2010


So.  Tell me... what do you think of the first act, hmmm?  And how about my posse.  Are we friggin' cool or what.  I did tell you didn't I.  And my greatness has grown twofold in the last few days.  Did you see that list of recruits?  I tell you.  Sometimes I amaze even myself.

We'll get back to it, but first I had a few things to tell you.  Oh, by the way, sorry about the technical difficulties, but well, you know how it is.  We tend to have issues over here. *shrugs* What's a girl to do.

*rolls eyes* if I could keep the blog from eating posts at 12:30am, that would be helpful.  I do wish I could figure out what that's about.  *tsk* terribly inconvenient. *pft* I shouldn't even be up at 12:30am!


How about I bring out my muse.  We're still keeping the "Better than James Bond" muse from last week, he's been very helpful so we've parked him over on the sidebar.  This one may stay a minute too.  We'll see if he's any good at secret missions.  *wink*

We're going to be quite busy around here this week. Of course we've got Black Mamba's secret mission part 2 starting up any minute, so get yourself some snacks, refreshments and come on back and  I'll give you the skinny on today's release of Brita Addams' new book, Serenity's Dream while we wait for the 2nd half.

How's that sound.

Also, I recently "met" A.B. Gayle who has a terrific sounding book coming out on the 28th called Mardi Gras, I'll see what more I can find out about that and fill you in later this week.

I think there's more... but I don't remember what it is.  *shrugs* That's enough for now.

See you soon.




  1. Your muse definitely inspires me. *sigh*

  2. @Eyre: Yummy isn't he? *sigh* I think he'll do nicely.



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