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New Release and Smokin' Hot Excerpt: Serenity's Dream by Brita Addams

How exciting for my new friend Brita Addams.  She's got a new release out today over at Noble Romance.  I've been dancing around telling everyone I could think of.  Now its your turn.  Time to dance.  Ready?

Wait for it...

Here it comes... *does the new release dance* go Brita, go Brita.

Yeah, I've already been asked what the dance looks like... silly.  That's what.  But oddly graceful... and beautiful.  All of my dances have a Swan Lake quality to them.  But this isn't about me, well, everything's about me, but I'll share today.  'Cause I like her. *winks*

She's still having the big release celebration over at her site, you can get there from ... here.  It's also still hanging over on the side bar.  The pretty little book cover here will get you over to Noble Romance, 'cause you know you want it.  And if that's not enough, we're going to have story time.  Oh yeah, we've got another excerpt, a smokin' hot, steamy, bring me some ice water excerpt.

Isn't intermission fun.  Are you ready...


Serenity's Dream by Brita Addams

Genre:  Historical
Length:  Novel
Publisher:  Noble Romance
Pub. Date:  June 21, 2010

Read another excerpt here.

The Blurb:   When Serenity Damrill is unjustly accused of murder, the only place she can think to hide is with her estranged husband, Lucien, at The Sapphire Club, a place where every sexual fantasy can be fulfilled. Hiding the truth, she returns after a ten year absence, ready to submit completely to her husband.

Lucien, owner of the club, though skeptical of his wife's sudden reappearance in his life, is willing to take her at her word, and he institutes an erotic regimen that Serenity quickly begins to crave. Lucien’s sexual prowess is beyond her wildest dreams and soon they fall into a frenzied, erotic life.

All is going well, until Serenity's accuser spots her at a Cyprian’s Ball.

Special Content Alert: Voyeurism, exhibitionism, spanking, BDSM, extreme anal play



When she stood in front of him, wearing only her diaphanous chemise, he stood up. He'd had to bite back laughter as she wormed her way out of her clothing, something he'd wager she'd never had to do for herself.

She's changed, he thought pleasantly. She'd always been so plain, so unexceptional. But now, she was . . . well . . . pretty. Certainly no raving beauty, but with her stylish hair and clothing, and a certain graceful quality she'd not heretofore possessed, she was indeed quite attractive. Her curves were more womanly now, and she smelled of lavender and something vaguely citrusy. Through the silk, he saw her dusky, aroused nipples. Lord, he could not wait to fill his hands with her breasts.

He stepped forward and walked around her, skimming her rounded shoulders, running the backs of his fingers down one arm. He lingered behind her, plucking emerald hairpins and casually dropping them to the floor. He leaned in to kiss the back of her neck, brushing her tumbled hair aside. The soft silk of her chemise shifted under his touch as he explored her spine and firmly cupped her buttocks.

"I like a firm bottom, Serenity." He flicked a swat, startling her. "Do you like it when I touch you here?"

"Yes," she muttered as his fingers worked her chemise into the crease between her cheeks.

"That's very good, because I do too."

He untied one ribbon at her shoulder and continued walking around her. She had her eyes closed. He could hear a hitch in her breathing every time his fingers caressed her skin. Good, be on guard; be leery. "Open your eyes and watch as I suckle your breast. Have you ever had your breast suckled, my dear?"

"Oh, yes," she confessed, but he didn't pursue it.

"Do you like it?" He circled his tongue around her distended nipple.

Her head lolled back on her shoulders and he stopped sucking.

"Open your eyes." He plucked the other ribbon and the pink silk floated to the floor. Serenity stood before him unashamedly naked, her brown curly hair all but shielding her small, though adequate, breasts from his view. She opened her silver-blue eyes. He dipped his hand into her feminine curls and discovered the truth; she was dripping with desire.

"What is this, my dear? Are you anxious for our coupling?"

Her voice creaked with an unintelligible answer.

"Tell me what you want, Serenity."

"I want you," she admitted.

"How do you want me? I seem to recall a time when you wanted nothing to do with my 'nasty male activities'. What has changed? I dare say the activities may have gotten nastier."

"I was young then. I have learned . . . ."

"Ah, ha, I believe you have given yourself away more than once since our happy reunion. Tell me what you want, plainly, so I can understand."

"To begin with, I want to see you."

"Well here I am." He flung his arms out at his sides.

"No, I want to see you n-n—"

"Naked. Is that what you are trying to say, my little shy wife?"

"Yes, Lucien, I want to see you naked."

"Well, then, please, do the honors."

He put himself into her shaking hands. She removed his black tailcoat and silver-embroidered waistcoat, folding them and placing them over the back of a chair. His cravat and shirt came next. Her breath hitched perceptibly when she reached for the buttons on the placard of his black trousers. She kept her gaze fixed upon his eyes as her tiny fingers slipped each button from its mooring until she released the last one. With her thumbs, she slid the exquisitely tailored linen down over his slim hips and hard, muscled thighs, past his knees and to the floor, not taking her eyes off the pulsing bulge beneath his small clothes.

"These must go." She untied them and slid them to his hips, revealing his cock in all its aroused glory.

"You have never seen me. You did not avail yourself of the privilege as we made love in the dark on our wedding night."

"It is evident it was my loss."

Being the man he was, Lucien fairly gloated. He was quite proud of his appendage, as though he'd designed it himself. He grabbed it and stroked it provocatively.

Serenity arched a chestnut eyebrow and smiled, but said nothing. She raised a hand and then shied away.

"Go ahead; touch me."

She touched the bulbous head and then wrapped her delicate fingers around him. Slowly, her hand slid down the blue-veined shaft and up again. She dallied at the crown, trailing her fingernail around the flared ridge. Lucien hissed, his knees threatening to turn to water, but he managed to hold his ground. Silvery fluid dripped from the tiny eye, attracting her attention.

"What is this?" she asked flirtatiously as she ran her thumb through it.

"It lets you know I am ready to fuck you insensible."

She chuckled. He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bed.

He was like any man faced with a naked woman. He wanted to fuck her, and it really didn't matter who or what she was. A lady having a notch and being willing were the only two criteria by which most men conducted their lives. A stiff cock has no conscience.

He crawled predatorily onto the bed after her. He straddled her legs as she lay propped upon the crisp white pillows. He lowered his head and took her nipple in his mouth and ravished it. He tugged with his teeth, eliciting deep hissing sounds from Serenity. He licked and suckled until her nipples were distended and surely aching. He savagely thrust two fingers into her quim, pumping her with a power that was foreign even to him.

He felt suddenly angry and set upon. This woman had no right in his life or in his bed and yet he'd invited her, instead of chucking her out like so much rubbish. Maybe I'm not as jaded as I thought, he speculated, knowing with certainty he was playing with her much like a barn cat would tease a mouse.

"Do you like my fingers fucking you?"

"I don't know." She huffed.

"Well then, what about this?" With a forceful motion, he hilted his cock inside of her before she knew what he was about.

"Lucien, please, you will hurt me if you keep on so."

He'd no wish to hurt her; he merely wanted to show her what she'd been missing. What she gave up when she left him for no reason other than a refusal to fulfill her wifely duties. She would understand what those duties entailed before he let her go again, he vowed.

He slowed his pace and the ferocity with which he'd initially taken her. He took her hands in his and stretched them over her head. With slow, steady strokes, he rode her. He undulated his hips, moving with an elegant grace honed during years of practiced seduction.

Serenity's breathing became shallow as she shifted her body to meet his. "Oh, yes, faster, Lucien, harder."

With a sense of masculine pride, Lucien began deep, plunging strokes. In his need to bury himself inside her as fully as possible, his hips met hers; the sound of flesh on flesh joined their grunts and moans. His bollocks spanked her arse noisily.

"This is what it could have been like, Serenity. He punctuated each thrust with one just a bit harder. "Do you like this, wife?"

Her eyes closed and her head lolled side-to-side on the pillow. "Yes."

He withdrew, and her eyes flew open.

"Roll over."

She did. With his arm under her, he pulled her up so she was on her knees, with her bum in the air and her head resting on the pillow.

"Hold the bedstead."

She put her hands around the ornate metal.

Lucien retrieved a bottle from the drawer in the bedside table. When he was again positioned between Serenity's legs, he nudged them wider. He then applied some of the lavender-scented oil to the tiny pink pucker and rubbed until his finger slid into her arse. She inhaled sharply but held fast.

"It will burn for a moment." He began to wiggle his finger, and then drew it out and back in again, over and over. Serenity moaned seductively. He wanted to plunge into her arse with all that was in him, and he would, but not tonight. He must take every opportunity to prepare her.

"Do you like my fingers fucking your arse?" he whispered.

"Oh, my God, yes, Lucien."

"Would you like my cock inside you like this?"

"Yes, please."

"Soon, soon." He added another finger and continued fucking her arse as he thrust his cock into her quim.


  1. Whoa Baby! On my skim through this looked smokin'. I think I am going to have to bookmark this and come back tonight to read it! :D

  2. Nice excerpt!

    Your dances may be beautiful and graceful, but my dances all have that dancing hippo in Fantasia quality.

  3. @SVZ: Good one isn't is. Smokin' baby :)

    @Eyre: I LOVE the dancing hippos!!!! :))



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