Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On my way to the beach!

Amora's going to the beach baby.  WhooWhoo!

No, not the sunny beaches of California or Florida, but the foggy, cold, rainy Oregon Coast.  I love the Oregon coast.  I soooo need a vacation.  A real vacation away, in a hotel and everything.

Ahhhh, a room with a view even.

Since I'm going on vacation, I've got little planned for the blog.  Vacations like this don't involve plans.  You'll probably be bombarded with beach pics, perhaps some book reviews.    I meant to get some blog goodies ready before I left, but, well, I didn't.  Wanna know what I did instead?  Played with my coolest ever signed books and goodies.  They're not quite finished, but wanna see, wanna see?

Oh yeah.  That would be my Christmas in May Display from Barbara Sheridan with my signed book of Bittersweet Surrender in it;  my beautiful signed copy of Test of Faith by Aleksandr Voinov and Raev Gray;  and my other bookshelf junk.

heehee.  How much do I love my new book goodies.

Since I've been having so much book fun this weekend, I'm going to post the excerpts for my two cool signed books so you can check them out.

But first....

Those are my Barbara Sheridan goodies.  Cover flats (I think that's what she called them), a fan from her Dragon Disciple series, and my signed Bittersweet Surrender book.  Next to that is my very own little Amora codename Black Mamba and the Man From Moscow.  heehee, how friggin' cool is that.  Ol' Vlad there doesn't like his frame, he's demanded a different, bigger one.  Figures.

And that would be my beautiful signed Test of Faith I won at their book release party.  He looks so lonely, but he won't be for long.  I have every intention of filling that up with more books.  heehee, the magnificent Mr. Voinov is going to help me fill that little goodie.  I want them all *cackles*  ALL of them!

OMG, imagine a signed Special Forces.  *swoons*

I'm going to have the best book collection EVER!

I'm getting a little excited again.

Although he looks a little lonely all by himself, here's more what my minds eye sees...

I like it!  It has potential.  Serious potential.  :))

Ok.  Book happy, book happy.  I'll go dig out the excerpt for Test of Faith and get that up for you today.  I'm soooo reading that while on vacation.

I'll give you the Bittersweet Surrender excerpt later this week.

I have to go finish getting ready to go... to the BEACH!  WhooWhoo!




  1. The book displays look great. Have a great time!

  2. Oh! Oregon! It´s been years!
    But not for long, next near I´ll go to Oregon too!

    Have fun!

  3. OMG! You´re TEAM QHAY! AND you read Jet Mykles and Denise Rosetti, girl, I love you!

    Sorry, just saw it and just had to comment, heh.

  4. Very cool. What a great idea. :)



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