Sunday, June 13, 2010

Risky Maneuvers by Barbara Sheridan and Aleksandr Voinov

Not until July but, you know... color me excited.  Yet another new one coming out from my personal favorites, Barbara Sheridan and Aleksandr Voinov.

You just can't help love authors that write great books and come out with new ones with lightening speed! *shakes head* crazy, but here we are again.
There's a video trailer too, how cool is that.  Love it, these two rock.

July 6 th, Barbara Sheridan and Aleksandr Voinov...

Risky Maneuvers

The Blurb:

Having been a mercenary for the past decade, Mikhail Volkov is a man without a country and that suits him just fine. Playing by his own rules, on his own terms, for the price he sets, is the way he likes it best.

But when a CIA contact dangles a carrot he can't resist to entice him into a clandestine search-and-rescue, Mikhail is brought face–to-face with the biggest foe he has yet to vanquish—his own loneliness.

Growing up, Devon ‘D’ Dearborn planned to follow in his father's footsteps as part of the Army's Delta Force. Once commissioned, D's own ambitions took root and he became a top-level tank commander, occasionally serving as a go-between for his CIA-employed brother and a sexy Russian mercenary.

When his doubts about his chosen career and his own desires impacted the perfection he demanded of himself, D resigned his commission and exchanged his Abrams tank for a 18-wheeler.

After six years, the last face D expects to see when he pulls his rig into a truck stop is that of Mikhail Volkov. D wants nothing to do with his brother's new cloak-and-dagger job, but the temptation of working alongside the Russian is too hard to resist.

Video Trailer


  1. This sounds like an exciting read! Is it a standalone?
    I just laughed out loud because of your little ramble in your side bar under 'What Amora's reading'! Too funny :)

  2. @Janna: lol, it's true. Don't read a darn thing anymore.

    You know, I'm not sure about the book. huh, you'd think I'd know. I think it is a stand alone, at least at this point? Hard to tell with these two... books all over the place. I can't keep up!

    I'll see what I can find out :))

  3. Okay! :D Good thing we still have 4 weeks before the book will be released to find out ;)

  4. @Janna: lol, just 4 weeks? Don't want anyone to miss not hear about it you know. :) I get a little excited. :))

    And yes, stand alone. Novella length. As it gets closer, I'm sure I'll be blathering on about it again/more. Can't help myself, my favs.

  5. Ooo, sexy cover! It's not common to see two *guys* on the cover!

  6. @Amanda: Isn't that a beaut! Love that one.
    lol, 2 guys on the cover?... I guess that depends on what you're reading... with my newly discovered m/m obsession, they all seem to have 2 yummy guys. I'm sooo glad I've discovered these... love them!




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