Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tales from a baby blogger

Well, I've gone and done it reeeeeal good this time.  Amora has self-destructed with the blog happy.  Someone has gotten in over her head ... and totally short circuited.

It's not pretty in here.  Rather messy actually.

Remember last Monday's whoo-whoo blog happy here's what's coming post?  Yeee-ah.  About that....

We're going to play a new game.  It's called...

The Do-Over, aka, The Wayback

Here's how it goes...

Come with me.  Let's go back...

way back... in fact, let's get in the wayback machine.

Come on... *shuffles everyone along*   get in, get in...

and lets just pretend...

we never friggin' saw that.

I could delete if it would help.  I do that sometimes too.  It's like a do-over.  I like do-overs.

Crazy much?

Guess what.  "What Amora?" (that's you)

I've bitten off more than I can chew.  So yes.  My blog, I'm calling a do-over.  We're are taking a blog mind melt overload break and going back to ... whatever feels good.  Too much overload made Amora feel ... not good.  So, we're going... what do we call that... oh yeah, willynilly - maybe for good!  Bringin' on more of the willy...and the nilly.

Ready...  come on willynilly...

*snaps fingers*  Go willy, go nilly...

Yes, there's a dance...wait, ...

there we go.  Let do that again.  *snaps* Go willy, go nilly....

heehee.  Crazy dancing's fun.

Ok.  *achem* sorry.  This?  This is what it looks like when a borderline-crazy baby blogger bites off more than she can chew.

Wait.  That doesn't match the dance, does it.  Ok, this is what it looks like...

And I just gotta tell ya... too much of that?... Just hurts.

So what's the crazy-mind blown-overwhelmed-baby-blogger trying to say?

She has no idea.  (go willy, go nilly)

I guess basically... no up coming blah, blah, blah.  *blushes*  I'm sorry. *head in hands* But I just know my great new friends are all going to understand.  *peaks...with one eye...just a little*


*shakes head* get it together.  You're Black Mamba for crying out loud!

Anyway, we're going to go back and take this one step at a time... one baby step.

I'm revamping the way we do things around here.  No one wants to see Amora (especially Black Mamba) get blog stressed.  I fear it won't be pretty at all.  Blog is our happy place.

That's why we like... I mean... love-Love-LOVE it.

So, in a nutshell, I erase the schedule.  All we have to look forward to in a schedule manner, is my awesome new author friend Brita Addams.  We did do an official pencil her in after all.  But that's not until July... so I should be ok by then.  I hope.  (I swear...I'm afraid I might scare her!  soooo not my intention!!  *shakes head* I MUST get a hold of myself!!!)

I fire myself from everything other than that.

We'll play.   I have every intention of giving a go at all on that horrid Monday post...

we just don't know when,

or how...

*gasps*  it'll be a surprise!

a willynilly crazy baby blogger surprise!  That's right.  How's that go...

Go willy ~ Go nilly

Go willy ~ Go nilly

wanna know what we end with?  Oh that's right...

Ha-cha, cha-cha-cha!

*laughs* have I lost it ... or what?!

I'm going to go take a nap.  A nap always helps.

Join me later for more...

Tales from a baby blogger....


  1. not.............Jazz hands!!!!


  2. @Barbara: yep. jazz hands. hey, crazy is crazy. off me. :P

    and what the heck is *ded*?

  3. *whispers* You may not have noticed, but I'm, erm, little bit of a random, willy nilly blogger too. Only a little bit mind you. Okay, I fib. A lot. It makes my happy place happy. *beams*

  4. Random crazy posts are way better than stressed scheduled posts! Happy Happy Happy...:D

  5. @Kris: lol, I noticed. I love it. :)

    @SVZ: I'm so glad you think so, lol, 'cuz we're going with it :))

    happy happy happy :))

  6. Go willy ~ Go nilly

    No worries or stress, it's your blog. Do what you want and have fun. Willynilly style! :)

  7. @Lily: yep :) I'm learnin'. My blog. No stress allowed.

    willy nilly baby. We are about to rock the willy...AND the nilly.

    hee hee. go willy.. go nilly. :)

    Have a good one :))



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