Monday, June 7, 2010

Up coming around the Place...overload!

Ok.  It's official.  Amora's gone off the blog happy excitement level scale.

We have even gone past the snoopy dance. I'm not sure how to portray a dance more excited than the snoopy dance.  (what do you call that?)

I'm trying to sort out all this great new blog goodness and I just can't pull it together, I'm just too overwhelmed with blog happy!

I've blown a blog happy gasket.  *laughs* I think that's what you call that more than a snoopy dance. I don't know what that means either, but I'm in complete overload.

So I'm just going to throw it at you all mumbo-jumbo, willynilly like  :))

*que some kind of uber-coolness music please...*

~Willynilly Blog Update~

First off..

Aleksandr Voinov / Raev Gray...

I wanted to get some kind of review done for Test of Faith by Aleksandr Voinov and Raev Gray.  I did actually manage to read it while on vacation.  That was the only reading I was able to accomplish.  But not happening.

If you see me around on Goodreads or Facebook... you know why.  All I have to give you is ...  *shrugs*...

I give it...5 stars.  

That's all you gets ... you don't gets no more.

I still, days later, can't figure out what to say to write a review.  Reviews take words, but I'm still stuck at "wow", and I still haven't moved past the FB "speechlessly brainf*cked." thing.  It's actually not looking good review/words wise.  I read the darned thing what...4 days ago or something?... still have the scrambled brain.

*laughs*  I'm dreaming about the darn thing.  Crap.  Another one of those friggin' "screw Amora up" Voinov books.  Only this time I've got a Voinov/Gray problem.  *shakes head* Thank goodness it wasn't as long as the last time this happened.  I'd be in trouble if Test of Faith was some kind of SF epic, how many volumes?... sized thing.

It's true.  Trouble with a capital T.

I'm sure.  Books shutting my brain complete down and making it stutter... what the hell is that? Can't wait to see what Blood Run Cold does to me. :)

Anyway, while I'm trying to come up with a review for that, I'm also trying to come up with some more interview goodness and ... I hope... some contest greatness with these two. I have no idea what it means yet and lucky for me, he's a bit busy himself right now, so I should have a minute to figure out how to ... yeah, just how to.

Am I excited about that part?  yes...most definitely... Y-E-S!

Sorry, didn't mean to yell.

We'll see what happens...I'll keep you posted. :))


*more with the happy blog dancing*

I've "met" and will be bringing on over to play blog for a bit...

Brita Addams...

She... has more going on than I know what to do with.  Seriously.

As I mentioned earlier, she's having this great release celebration fun for her upcoming book Serenity's Dream that comes out on the 21st.  It's part of a whole series she's got coming called The Sapphire Club.

Don't miss that beauty I put up on the side bar, that jewel will be staying there through the celebration goodness and will lead you on over to the uber fun.  Contest, inspiration behind the book, even a character interview with Lucien Darmrill, owner of the club.

Fun, fun, fun.

I actually did manage to get the excerpt for the book scheduled, so yay, we will really will have that tomorrow :))

And more yay... she'll be coming back to play blog with me again for a whole week!  *dance~dance*  we're going to be doing it all.  Interview, giveaway, all that jazz. Uber-super-duper blog fun!!!  We're doing it all around her July 19th release of Lord Decadent's Obsession.  Menage.  Nice.

Lucky for me again, I've got plenty of time to settle down and pull it together, but really, with this much going on, it's not that far off!

Oh my, let me tell you, she is going to be nothing but fun!


Roscoe James ...

That's right... he's going to play blog too.  And he's got some very yummy looking books.

The one I'm excited most to blog play with is called Dancing with Venus, an f/f which, admittedly, is totally out of my reading relm. *shrugs* but hey, so was m/m no too long ago.  And yeah...a male author with an f/f book?  How many questions do I have for him?

A bunch.  The more I think on it...the more it have.

He's going to come and play blog with me as soon as I can figure it out and get something put together.  Also doing the whole thing: interview, excerpts, and perhaps even a contest too.  :))

This Thursday, I'm going to post an excerpt for you to check out.  A little future blog fun teaser.   Probably not a surprise...I have no idea which one it will be.  He's given me...5 (?) I choose from, so... it'll be a surprise!


Kat Haeske...

She is sooo fun.  I spent the some time chatting with her the other day... she's great.

She's got a little short called Diamond Wolf that I am trying sooooo hard to get to.  *shakes head*  I've been to swamped to read a short...  overwhelmed much?

Anyway, it's a little vampire/werewolf goodie.  Pretty cover... must live on the sidebar for a bit.  Look at that thing.  Love it.  More info that-a-way.

But that's not all she has.  I found other stuff.  Cool stuff.  Artsy awesome graphics stuff.  I love-LOVE artsy stuff.

She's got all these great 3D rendering graphic awesome pictures that we are soooo going to be checking out.  How good do I think they are?  Let me tell you.  I friggin' went to her blog to say hi and steal the sweet cover pic... and saw this beautiful Friday candy type pic.  I was going to steal and keep on the sidebar for a while.  Um...  it's not a pic.  She made it.  *shakes head* I'm a photographer for crying out loud.  I should really be able to tell the difference!  *blushes* No. Couldn't.


And yes... her artsy yummy goodies will be living here on sidebars for a while too.  Just wait until you see this stuff!

Oh yeah.  We're going to play blog.

Again... I don't know exactly when.  Soon. That's when.

So.  How's that for Amora's got too much on her plate.  Crap.  I have a hard time juggling one author at a time.  Now what, how many cool authors is that... 5 (?).  LOL, from 1 to 5.  Yeah, I blew a happy blog gasket.  Should I mention that when all this broke open I was trying to finish putting together...

My next Blog Love for more of my favorite blogs?  Haven't finished that.  Almost :)

Another Barbara Sheridan week. I didn't even scratch the surface with her books.  Yeah. haven't finished that.

Mr. Voinov has more coming out... with Ms. Sheridan and some else too... I think.  *shrugs* can't remember.

Oh yeah, and all my favorite blogs I like to go travel around to and check out, say howdy.  Haven't done that either.  I have no idea what coolness I'm missing out on.

Um...yeah.  What the hell am I doing?  I have no idea.  Oh.  I have that whole other Playground blog too.  No idea what's up with that.

Yeah. Total overload.

Whew!  I'm going to bed now.  I'm dizzy.

Later Taters!



  1. Aren't you going to be the busy bee? ^_^

    Sounds like fun.

  2. @Barb: yes! buzz buzz :)) very own snoopy dance goodie! I see sooo much more happy dancing around :)))) heehee, thanks!

  3. You've got a lot going on. Fun times!

  4. @Lily: Oh yeah. Much fun ahead :)

  5. wow! I feel famous now!

    Hehe, But I can also tell you, while blog fun has been approved by the powers that be, you still have two weeks, before you pounce on me and drag me all through blog land ;)

    I hate deadlines.

    *scrambles off to do some more writing*

  6. @Kat: yay for approved! :)) Do worry, this is just me getting excited again after reading the story on your blog. I went gaga. :)

    heehee, sorry, I snuck you in without even telling you I was yet... surprise :))

    Don't worry, I won't pounce. I might dance around you a bit... but no pouncing. yet. ;)



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