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Excerpt: Lord Decadent's Obsession by Brita Addams

Yay.  Another excerpt. :)

Brita Addams had a new release yesterday, Lord Decadent's Obsession, the second book in the Sapphire Club series.  How exciting.  Congrats Brita.

She's also giving away a copy over on her website.  Just head over and leave her a comment. She'll be drawing on July 22. 

Publisher:  Noble Romance
Length:  Novel

The Blurb:  Prentice Hyde, Marquess of Wycroft, known as Lord Decadent, has been a member of The Sapphire Club since its inception. He is a man ruled by his sexual desires. He loves nothing better than “blistering arses and f**king them insensible,” the very definition of his obsession.

Having lost his wife, who shared the same proclivities, Prentice has wandered lost, until Desiree Huntington appears at the club, wishing to engage his services in just the activities he most enjoys. He is thrilled and proceeds to paddle the lovely widow, then takes her to his bed, showing her passion that she has never before experienced.

Desiree has a secret, however. When Desiree appears at the club, she not only wants all that Prentice can give her, but she wants him to fall in love with her.

Will they be able to live a life, where both want nothing more than to immerse themselves in Lord Decadent’s Obsession?



Desiree had sat breathless as she'd watched the Marquess of Wycroft spank the young woman's arse. Her body was still weak with envy as she thought of how he'd applied his hand to young Susan's ever reddening cheeks.

"My God, I have never seen anything so exquisite in all my life," she'd whispered to Serenity Damrill, wife of the owner of the Sapphire Club. She heard the door to room close. She looked into the room once again, and noted the absence of the gentleman who had left her in her current state.

She was still riveted to her chair, awestruck at the sights she had witnessed.

"Yes, he is quite skilled, though I can't speak from personal experience."

"Mrs. Damrill, what must I do to engage the marquess in such activity?"

"I believe you simply must ask, Mrs. Huntington. The marquess is a particular friend of mine, and I will be happy to make the introduction, if you'd like."

"I would very much like the introduction; now, if you don't mind."

Serenity Damrill chuckled. "I understand your haste. Come, I will make the introduction, then you may settle the details with Lord Wycroft."

"I understand, Mrs. Damrill. Might I have a few moments to compose myself?"

"Please, call me Serenity. Everyone else does, and of course you may."

The ladies chatted innocuously for several minutes. When Desiree felt more sure of herself, she nodded as Serenity led her from the small viewing closet that had afforded her such a delicious view of the equally delicious marquess.

Serenity knocked on the double doors of the library and opened them.

Her husband rose from his chair, smiling as his wife entered. "Dear, it is nice to see you. I thought I had misplaced you until Hampton informed me you had a guest."

"Yes, darling, this is Mrs. Desiree Huntington. She is interested in becoming a member of the club."

Lucien greeted Desiree with commensurate friendliness, welcoming her to the rarified environs of his club. "May I introduce you to Prentice Hyde?"

Prentice had been standing next to the desk, and appeared to have a wholly disinterested mien. "It is very nice to meet you, Mrs. Huntington."

Desiree noted that he seemed rather bored.

"Mrs. Huntington wishes a private conversation with you, Prentice, and possibly a tour of the club, if you wouldn't mind." Serenity winked at Desiree.

"We will leave you two alone to have your discussion while I consult with my wife. It has been an age, and I believe we have some unfinished business, do we not, my dear?" Lucian cast his wife a look that spoke volumes.

Desiree smiled inwardly at the heat the two generated.

"I believe we do," Serenity said, laying a hand on her husband's arm.

They left the room, leaving Desiree alone with Prentice, to fend for herself.

"Well, since our hosts have left us to our own devices, what is it you are interested in seeing, Mrs. Huntington?" Prentice addressed Desiree the moment the door closed behind Lucien and Serenity.

"I am entirely in your hands, my lord."

Prentice raised an eyebrow. "Do you know who I am?"

"Everyone knows who you are."

He watched her green-eyed gaze rake over his body, spending an inordinate amount of time at his crotch. His damned cock danced with excitement.

"Is there something in particular you wish to see, Mrs. Huntington?"

"I want more than you gave to dear, sweet Susan."

Prentice's eyes widened, his mouth fell open. "You were watching?"

"Yes. I am not a woman who hems and haws, sir. I wish to experience all the naughty things there are to experience here at the Sapphire Club. I will submit myself to you, if you will consent to take me on. I understand that arrangements can be made if members wish such exclusivity."

"Well, certainly, arrangements can be made. Now, I would be happy to accommodate you, but are you sure you know what the club is about?

"I do. Do we have an agreement, my lord? I am anxious to start."

Prentice walked toward her, and with his arm extended toward the door, he said, "Come with me. It should never be said that I have kept a lady waiting."

Desiree smiled, and allowed him to guide her from the room. There was a flurry of activity in the entrance hall, given the late hour—a lot of laughter, and blatant sexual groping. She could hear moans, groans, grunts, and not a few howls as they passed many closed doors.

As they walked, she spoke. "I have always felt I was born at the wrong time. If I hadn't had brothers, I would have believed all of the malarkey that I was taught at Mrs. Petrie's School for Young Ladies. She and her staff of dried-up old crones taught us there was no more to life than embroidery, and learning to play the pianoforte."

Prentice escorted her into a room on the first floor. He watched her take in her surroundings, and smiled inwardly when her attention came to rest on a rosewood chaise covered in rich, crimson satin. The arms were of different heights, and were thickly padded. "It's a Biedermeier," he told her. "The Damrill's have pieces like this shipped in from the Continent. It is excellent for spanking, and other interesting pursuits."

Desiree squeezed the curved arm. "Yes, I can imagine myself draped over it."

Prentice laughed. "I have met many women, but only rarely have I had the pleasure of knowing someone so candid."

Prentice stood with his hands behind his back. He couldn't take his eyes from her, finding her as physically attractive as she was stimulating. Her well-made, blue satin dress hugged the luscious curves of her body, the tops of her breasts spilling over the lace embellishments. She was a vision.

"Now tell me. What is it you wish to have happen here, Mrs. Huntington?"

"I wish to submit to you. I wish to be mastered."

Prentice arched his eyebrows. "Mastered, you say?"

"Yes, sir, mastered. I wish to be under your total control, at your whim. I will be your . . . ."

"My what?"

She raised an eyebrow of her own. "Whatever you wish me to be."


  1. Very teasing excerpt, Darlkink! Thanks for the contest information. :D

  2. Great excerpt, hon! I hope you're having a fabulous week!



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