Saturday, July 17, 2010

Funnies and Hotties

Saturday.  Saturday is a good day.  I like Saturday.  I can just do whatever I want to.  And after a week like I've had, that sounds just ... perfect.  

Problem is, I don't know what I want to post.  I'm just to tired to try to figure anything out.  I couldn't even decide funny, or hottie, or what.

Then it hit me.  What are you trying to decide for?  Silly girl.  Both.  Both is best. :)

So, tis what we have.

First.  Some ... funny.  Been awhile since I've posted some of the miserable list.  Lets have some of that.  Shall we?

Things to be miserable about #42-51

42. Spam (the meat product)
43. Spam (the email kind)
44. Telemarketers
45. Not having a comeback
46. Farmer’s tans
47. Beelzebub
48. Hair that turns green from pool water
49. Trophy wives
50. Getting stuck in a dress you’re trying on.
51. People who use the word “pecker”

Yeah.  I don't know about you, but those things make me miserable.  I mean really.  Beelzebub?  He sucks.  And what IS with the word "pecker".  Can anyone tell me?

Anyway, moving on.  Some other things I've seen and collected.

*laughs* exactly.

huh.  Who knew?


Ok.  And now.  Some yummy candy.  

Mmmm.  I love a suit.  I do.  Can't help it.  Yum.

Mmmmm.  Yeah.  Suits.

And I'll leave you with that.

Have a great weekend.



1 comment:

  1. I liked your list. The donut seeds and missing dwarf Bloggy are cute!

    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend. :)



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