Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday brings a new mayhem

Do you know what I love most about my blog?  Well, besides the fact that I'm sexy as hell of course.


But that's not what I love most.

Actually, I'm not sure what I love most.  It's constantly changing with new books, new friends, new highs, new... everything.  And right now, that is what I love most.  The constantly changing.  Fluidity.  Is that a word?  I think so.  If not, it is now, and this is it's proper usage.  ;)

That is what I love most about my blog.  A least at this particular moment.  After all, life is just all about the little moments.

Amora's Place, a constant ebb and flow of constant change and total willynilly awesomeness.

I was all ready to tell you about several goodies from last week.  But, as usual, scrap that.  Oh, I'll still share it all, can't keep it all in much longer, but... there may be better things afoot.

Some of what I expect to bring you....

My favorite authors Barbara Sheridan and Aleksandr Voinov have a new book coming out this week, tomorrow I think.  It's called Risky Maneuvers, it's living over there on the sidebar right now, and of course I'll be telling all I know on that little beauty.

You know how I get over those two.

I also have so much sweet awesome goodness to share on the posse front I'm just blown away.  We have a new member I'm waiting to announce.  Oh, have I scored there.  She's ... unique to say the least.  Don't really know that the swords/badass thing is really her bag, which is why I was fighting her first choice, but damn, she's hot.  And she's very... ummm...  Well, she's whatever the hell she wants to be.

I like that about her.  I'm pretty sure we can use her.

Yes, I've decided she'll do nicely.  And, with our last girls night at the castle, the vodka, the dancing and that singing display on the table, oh, yes, she's going to fit right in.  In fact, I'm pretty sure she's going to teach us a thing or two, at least in this area.

I must do a proper announcement though, so that's just going to have to wait a minute.

I also have to gather the rest of my awesome posse, the recruits should be done with their friggin' training, and I'm not sure, but, there could be, another secret mission in the works.

Hard to say with these things.  They are secret after all so I can't give out too much information, I'd hate to have to ... well, you know.


Black Mamba may get to play with a hottie Russian or two this week.  I've already got one smexy Russian back at the castle, haven't told you much about him either, and I will, but in the meantime, Mamba hopes she gets to wrangle another one.

Mmmmm.  Mamba sure does like her some smexy Russian.

She really really does.

What I can share right now, is the Amora's Place theme song.  Yes, you read that right, we now have a theme song.  Would you like to know what's so friggin' great about that?  Of course you do.  So I'll tell you.  I don't give myself these things.  They are gifted to me.

Because of my Black Mamba awesomeness.  Because my posse... friggin' rocks.

So, here we are, the Amora's Place theme song.  Complete with bad-ass video.  (heehee, I like how spell check keeps fixing badass.  When did that become a real word?)

The Amora's Place theme song, and it's video.  Yeah baby, Bad to the Bone.

Ha!  Thought it wouldn't be?

Bad to the Bone baby.  Just Bad to the Bone.

That's all you get for now.  Stay tuned, we'll just have to see what ultra goodness happens.




  1. LOL! Black Mamba, you have picked the perfect theme song!

  2. LOL, I know right?! I love it! lol, and my new friends picked it for me... even better!!

    go Mamba, go Mamba


  3. Let the willy and the nilly ensue!! Can't wait to see what the Mamba has in store.




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