Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Musing: A New Dress

Well, good morning sunshines.  How do you like my new dress?

We have a new look...

I'm sure you've noticed, I've been messing with the blog a bit.  Not totally lovin' this look, but, it'll just have to do for a minute.  It's like my own little nature fantasy thing.  And it's not pepto-bismol pink, or hospital gown green so...  bonuses both.  But you know, I get to change my mind often, so... expect it. ;)

How about a muse.  Oh muse.... where are you...

Pretty, isn't he?  He's been feeding me grapes all weekend.  How fun was that. ;)

The problem with that however was that I didn't get much done.  Well, besides eating lots of grapes of course.  So, here we are on Monday starting the week with a much bigger to do ... pile. 


That's awesome.  Because who doesn't want to start the week with the last weeks goodness left hanging over your head.    

Bosses are back this week.  They were gone, harrassaing me from afar last week and driving me batshit crazy.  That was fun.  I'm sure they had fun fishing in Alaska so, good for them.  I can't wait to hear all the very exciting ... fish... stories.  I love those.  They go like this...
The fishing was great.  We caught, blah, blah, blah, wah, wah, wah, blah, blah, shut up.  Amora doesn't care. :))
Oh, but thanks for sharing. :)) 
I can't wait for the re-run of that show.  yay me.  Hell of a ride, my job.  Awesome.  I hope he loses his pen, and post-its, while locked in the bathroom so I can really enjoy myself.  

weeeeeee :)  gonna be fun. :))

I suspect this week may be a little... dangerous.   Truth be told, I'm more than a little afraid.  

Time to scary up.  I don't want anyone forgetting that I'm Black Mamba.  Especially since the blog is looking a little girly/flowery.  Mamba's not flowery.  Just a friggin' badass.  

And I don't own any cats.

And, just in case you have to deal with anything close to what I have to deal with, I thought it best to send you with some protection.  So, here...

Black Mamba's got your back.  It is fierce out there in the world, I don't want anyone to be unprepared.  

Nope.  No cats here. ;)

Have a great day!


  1. Sweet heaven! I shall take that diver right now :D! Good luck surviving the whale tales... ;) Just picture them naked, and pretty, and kissing... don't forget pretty.

  2. @Sweet: Good luck to you too. But um, no. I can't picture that. My bosses, the Tweedle Twins, are ... icky.

    One is my dad. 'nuff said. The other is icky. And smells bad. And... and...

    Ewwww. I just totally grossed myself out. *shudders* yeah. The end.

    Have a great day :))

  3. Ha! I was afraid of that. So I added pretty twice... sorry it didn't help.

  4. @Sweet: LOL, s'ok. Nothing can help me. You didn't know. But... lets just not do that again. I'm still kinda grossed out over here.

    ew. <-- includes scrunchy face.




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