Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Movin' and Shakin' the Place

Wow, what a week. And it’s only Wednesday!

I set out last weekend to get ahead on the blog so I could take a little reading break, as usual, didn’t get any of that done. Kept getting all distracted.


Do they make a pill for this weird online A.D.D. thing I have now? I think I need meds or something.

Not sure what happened, I went looking for a hottie pic for a blog post, and came out with a new blog instead. Huh. Interesting. Never did find the hottie.

Silly girl.

So, what do you think of the new Amora’s Place? I’m still looking for a new header, but other than that, I think I’m mostly pleased with it. Don’t love-love- love it, but it’s good… for now. I do wish the blogger templates were easier to customize, but then I no longer have whatever code problem was hassling me so… 6 of 1…½ dozen of the other.

Aside from everything being moved around, I’ve also made some new pages. Well, mostly made. They’re under construction, heehee, and pretty darned willy-nilly at this point. So far, I’ve been working on…

~ Black Mamba’s Posse page:  Black Mamba's special place where I’ll be keeping and updating all the uber-awesomeness of Black Mamba and her posse. A lot of it happens over on Facebook and just never makes it over to the blog. And well, if anyone deserves a special page… it’s Black Mamba. She just friggin’ rocks, and rocks tough.

~ Featured Author page: Aleksandr Voinov: Well, he hasn’t “officially” been “featured” like Barbara Sheridan was, but, I figure with as much as I post about his books… it counts as a feature. His own little spot for all his books to hang out, along with the interview we did, excerpts and *shrugs* I don’t know… stuff.

~ Amora’s Tumblr page: Hopefully, a page to feed the “tamer” tumblr through to the blog. Seems to be working, but I wonder if it will just keep going on forever. Kinda looks like that’s how it’ll go, which could be bad considering my addiction. Guess we’ll see what happens there.

What else, what else…

I have no idea. I messed with so much blog nonsense I can’t even remember anymore.

Oh… I remember.

Posse business. How could I forget. Amora isn’t the only one movin’ and shakin’. Black Mamba’s got it goin’ on too. She’s got some business to attend to, new members and what not, so look for that.

I've also found all kinds of willynilly goodness hanging out just waiting to be posted by she who flitters of at the first shiny flashy hottie thing she sees online.  :)

I think that might be it. Who knows.

I do know, that after that much work… I deserve some hotness. You’ll join me won’t you…

Yeah. That’ll do.

Oh what the hell, let's have us another... shall we?  Yes.  We shall.

Later taters.



  1. Oh good lord in heaven, that last double cookie sure did make my morning!

    Good luck with your super duper blog arranging!

  2. Good luck with the changes! I gave myself a headache last time I tried to change things up. :) Now I'm off to Tumblr. I haven't gotten my morning fix yet.

  3. @Sweet: heehee, nummy huh.

    @Eyre: Thanks. I've already got a headache. This one seems to have a mind of it's own.



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