Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Blog Game. Amora's unposted drafts. Blog Love part 2

Ok.  Did I really not post this?  The date on this "draft" is friggin' May.  Really?  I didn't post this?

What is that?

I swear.  My brain since I came out here.  I can't complete the task at hand to save my life.  I flitter off half way thru and never seem to loop back around.

May?  Really?  Um... it's July.

I wonder what else is in that big list of drafts.  This should be good.  There's some Saturday entertainment.  What did Amora start... and not manage to post.  

whoowhoo.  It's a new blog game.  :))

And let's start our new blog game with blog love.  Shall we?  We shall.

Ready, set, ...


Calendar do over.  Today is May 22, 2010.  The date on the draft testifies. Please keep that in mind when you read past this point and it's a bit ... outdated and .  I mean well.  Makes no sense anymore.

And I meant love... awhile ago.

heehee.  You just never know what's up with Amora.

Have a ... crazy day :))


Lets give some more Blog Love, shall we?  Yes, lets. 

More of my favorite blogs, the ones I keep meaning to get over to and say, but just never seem to find the time for much of that these days.  So... blog love! love:)

4. ♥ ♥ I Love Books ♥ ♥   Lily's site rocks.  All kinds of goodness over there, lol, just got back from lifting some yummy candy, and got to watch a Skynyrd video too:)  What's better? For the life of me, I couldn't find a button :(  

5.  Kris 'n' Good Books:  Kris is just friggin' hiliarious, fiesty thing that one. I'm totally serious.  She so rocks this stuff.  How much does she crack me up?  Ask me.  Go on. 

(------this much------)


Not totally sure that's her official "button", but looks like a button to I lifted it.  (How new at this crap am I?  Can't even tell buttons from not buttons.  Sheesh!)  You must check out this blog. 

Erotic Romance Reader Janna6.  Erotic Romance Reader:  Janna's great.  Don't miss her site. 
I just actually just went and stole a bunch of candy from her.  heehee, hope you don't mind Janna :))



The Gutter Girls7.  The Gutter Girls:  These girls do the the most creative stuff.  Friday Night Fight type things between alph heroes and whatnot.  Love it.  Nothing like it around.



  1. Wow, I'm in good company there. Thanks for the love! :)

  2. @Lily: Love your blog. You're sure welcome. Have a great day :))

  3. Awww, thank you, lovie. Smooches backatchya.

    Psst - Not totally sure that's my official button either, but it was a pressie so I whacked it up. :)



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