Monday, August 23, 2010

Interview with Barbara Sheridan, part 1

I'm so excited. Today's the day Barbara Sheridan gets here, and we're going to hang out.  Yes we are.  We're going to talk all about her and her books...

kick back, read some excerpts.  Who knows what else.  Books, books, books.  Sweet.  She's going to be here awhile too. yay!

She should be here any minute.  *looks around*  I think I have everything ready.  It's going to be fun.

*hears knock at the door*

*gasps*  She's here.

*takes one last look around and opens the door*

Amora:  Ms. Sheridan, so good to have you back. Please, do come in. Have a seat.

Barbara:  Howdy, Amora, my dear. *Saunters in, tried not to wobble on the too high heels then sprawls onto the chaise*

Amora:  *sits down* Thank you for taking the time to sit and talk with me again. *leans over and whispers* I’m trying to be all professional this time. How am I doing?

Barbara:  *thumbs up*

Amora:  oh good. *clears throat*

 Ok. Now that I have you all to myself, let’s explore all that is Barbara Sheridan.

Barbara:  You’re sure you want to go there?

Amora:  Well… yeah. Oh, what I mean is, *clears throat*  if you don’t mind of course.

Barbara:  Doesn’t matter to me. *preens*

Amora:  Oh good. *smiles* Because I have a lot of questions. To start with, why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself.

Barbara:  I’m old fat, & boring. What else you want to know?

Amora:  *rolls eyes* Oh, please. You've written like a gazillion books and you sauntered in here wearing stilettos. What-ever. And... I want to know everything.  Absolutely everything.

What was your first book and how long did it take to get it published?

Barbara:  First published book was Timeless Wish. It came out in April of 1999. Yes, that’s right a century ago...kind of. Amazingly, that particular book sold off the second query I’d sent to a publisher—that was way back when New York publisher took unagented submissions.

Amora:  When did you start writing m/m?

Barbara:  When I started writing way back in the late 70’s after reading Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire. I hated the ending. I mean, come on, it was obvious Louis and Lestat belonged together. So I wrote my own ending. No smut, but I was young and innocent then. *cough* That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Amora:  That was so obvious! I mean really. I would rather see your ending. *chuckles* young and innocent, yeah, I don’t think I believe that.

How long did it take you to get published?

Barbara:  About seven years after I started writing “seriously” which was a whole lot of years after I started writing in general.

Amora:  You have a lot of books. How many have you written so far?

Barbara:  A lot. ^_^ Let’s see *zips over to web site* Thirty-one that have been published. All but three of those are currently in print/electronic print. Then there are a couple other ones that shall never see the light of day.

Amora:  *chokes* did you say 31? That have been published? Wow. That is a lot of books.

You’ve co-written books with a couple of different authors. How does that work? Co-writing?

Barbara:  Well, with Anne Cain we did it almost as a role playing game, each posting to a private online journal and making the plot up as we went along. Aleks Voinov and I do something similar but do the posting via SKYPE.

Amora:  Interesting.

Do you prefer to write alone, or with someone else?

Barbara:  Lately I much prefer collaborating. It seems that old lady issues play havoc with ones brain cells that control concentration and imagination. It’s really hard to pull out those “what happen next” ideas without the nudge of a co-writer.

Amora:  Do you write full time?

Barbara:  Do I spend 40 hrs a week at it? No but If I did I’d probably have a lot more books out there. #authorfail

Amora:  What made you decide to become a writer? Was there something in particular?

Barbara:  That something would probably the total lack of motivation I had when I was in school. I didn’t go to college. I have no degree related career.

Amora:  On a typical writing day, what do you do? Do you have a special place, or anything like that?

Barbara:  Do you mean lately or ideally? Lately it’s a lot of looking at in-progress projects and going “What do I do now????” Ideally, I get up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with none of that mad back/leg pain and sit down and let the words flow. I don’t have a home office or anything. Just a ratty old desk and a piece of the diningroom.

Amora:  What kind of research do you for a new book?

Barbara:  It depends on what I need to know. I have a ton of reference books and if I have nothing I need I start looking online and get books from the library or buy any if I have a few extra bucks.

Amora:  How long does it take for you to complete a book you would allow someone to read?

Barbara:  On my own? Forever and a day. Co-written? They’ve been pretty quick 1-3 months or thereabouts.

Amora:  Really? 1-3 months? That’s fast. How about writer’s block. Do you ever suffer from that, and what do you take to get past it?

Barbara:  Kind of. A lot. I have no clue, it just happens on its own.

Amora:  When someone reads one of your books for the first time, what do you hope they experience or take away from it?

Barbara:  I hope they get so involved that it takes them away from the daily grind for awhile.

Amora:  I’ve always wondered, how do you come up with the title of a book?

Barbara:  It usually comes out of the book itself or makes reference to something about one of the characters or the plot.

Amora:  Are you working on anything now?

Barbara:  Aleks and I have two unfinished things in the works. One inspired by Tarzan and a third book in the GORGON series featuring Chris & Nikita from the upcoming First Blood. On teh solo front I have quite a few things in various stages of completion. *sigh*

Amora:  Oh, that's right, First Blood comes out September 24th.  Nice.

Now, tell me a little about you. would you describe your sense of humor? What makes you laugh?

Barbara:  Quirky, I suppose. All sorts of things. Nothing specific comes to mind.

Amora:  What kind of books do you like to read?

Barbara:  Paranormal anything is always a favorite. I’ve been reading a lot of young adult stuff recently. I like crime novels and all sorts of non-fiction, mostly history books.

Amora:  I'm big on the paranormal too.  If you weren't a writer what would you be?

Barbara:  Homeless and starving.

Amora:  *laughs* That wouldn’t be good. Aside from writing, what else do you like doing?

Barbara:  I don’t have an actual social life. Hanging out wit my at home 19yr old is about it. We like watching low budget horror movies and all the ghost hunting shows.

Amora:  What future projects do you have in the works?

Barbara:  In addition to the books with Aleks I have an M/M time travel to Feudal Japan in the works, an M/F romantic suspense and two YA paranormal projects I’m doing under a brand new penname. *ssshhh it’s secret*

Amora:  Oooo, a secret? Ok. Mum’s the word.

Tell me, where we can find you and your books on the Internet?

Barbara:  Da website.

Awesome.  I want to check out some books.  Can we?  *searches through papers*  What did I do with that list you sent me...

*searches files*  I had it...

Here.  Let's have a little coffee break while I look.  We'll be back...



  1. Awesome. Made me laugh into my breakfast coffee.

    Barb - let's have a chat about Tarzan and get back into it. Grab me on Skype when you're around?

  2. Yummy picture coffee *snags*

    @Aleks-- Will do

  3. @Aleks: lol, thanks. Laughed into your coffee? heehee, good, looks like my job here is done. :)

    @Barb: heehee, making coffee art now. Careful with the snag, you'll mess up my coffee art. And you'll spill it. It's hot...

  4. Oh yeah. And... Tarzan please :))

    Mmmmmm. Tarzan. :))



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