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Interview with Barbara Sheridan; part 2

...and we're back...

Amora:  Forgive me.  I had to go and change, I spilled some coffee.

Ok my dear, since I have you here in my clutches, I’m afraid I can’t let you go just yet. 

BarbaraI rather like the evil clutches they’re positively cozy.

Amora:  Oh good.  Because I’m not done with you yet.  Hey.  Wait.  Evil?  I didn't say evil clutches...

*looks at new outfit*

Ok.  Perhaps a little.  Moving on....

*clears throat*  

So, now that I know all about the greatness that is Barbara Sheridan, I want to talk with you a bit more, about that delicious looking Dragon’s Disciple series of yours. 

BarbaraLove those DD boys. Love them to pieces!

Amora:  They look awesome.  After looking at that enormous book list, thank you again for that, well, Barbara, I have to say…

…that’s a lot of books...

...and I have questions.

BarbaraIt is a lot isn’t it? But they were so much fun and we were totally caught up in. SO what if this happens now? And we so need to tell this one’s story, too.”

Amora:  Do they have to be read in a specific order?

BarbaraNot really. The “Mr. Shu arc” as we call it should be read in order (Silk & Poison, Dragon’s Disciple, Alliances) and it’s best to read Soul of the Night then Lost Souls but the books all stand alone. A few were even written out of chronological order. If someone does read them all I think it just makes for a fuller experience, you get to see characters go through various trials and tribulations and find a sense of completion. Even if we give them a long hard road to get there.

Amora:  Good to know.

You co-wrote those with Anne Cain?  How did you two start writing together?

BarbaraWe were both fans of the old anime/manga Rurouni Kenshin and the films & TV series that featured the Shinsengumi an actual group of samurai who were pretty much the police forces in the mid to late 1860s in Kyoto. Some of us started a role playing game on LiveJournal. It was a very alternate universe thing with fictional characters from the shows mixing with loose adaptations of historical characters.  Anne joined the game with the coolest villain ever—Mr. Shu the Chinese assassin from San Francisco. My character Toshiro Itou was the bad boy son of an expat samurai full of teenaged angst and rebellion. Toshiro of course looked up to Shu who loved being Toshiro’s “teacher”  in so many things. That’s the story detailed in Silk & Poison.

Amora:  How long did it take you to write all of those?

BarbaraA month to two months for each one. Some of them are quite long, too in the 100k range.

Amora:  Tell me about them.  They are vampire samurai…?

Barbara:  Kind of sort of. The patriarchs of the DD-verse are Kiyoshi son of a samurai and his adopted brother Liu who was the son of a Chinese concubine and samurai father.

Amora:  Where did you get the idea for the that? 

BarbaraDamned if I know. It just happened. Actually, I think it all began because we LOVED Shu & Toshiro so much and Shu was destined for a bad end but we wondered how we could get around that.

Amora:  What research did you do for it?
BarbaraMost of it involved reading about San Francisco’s Chinatown in the 19th century an a bit on Kabuki theater. Crazy thing was when we’d write something then later a book would confirm that our fiction was mirroring reality. That was cool.

Amora:  Which characters are yours?  Which is your favorite?

BarbaraWe both created characters and a couple of them were very loosely based on historical people (Toshiro’s parents were actually married at one time though there’s no record of them having a child). It’s so hard to pick a favorite. We love them all. Except maybe Jin Chao Toshiro’s nemesis—he was such a backstabbing brown-noser. LOL

Amora:  Historical people? Really?


Do you have a favorite book of the series?

BarbaraReally really hard to pick.

Amora:  The covers.  I love the covers.  Tell me about those.  Anne did those didn’t she?

BarbaraShe did!. They’re perfect because she’s seen the characters i her head, too.

Amora:  And, some of the books have artwork in them as well? 

BarbaraSoul of the Night does. Color illustrations in the ebook black & white in print. The original Dragon’s Disciple did  (out for a short time with eXtasy) did as well. 

Amora:  Do you have any more books planned for the series?

BarbaraWell, we started a follow-up to Dark Whispers that continues Sakurai & Dai’s story and brings back a blast from Sakurai’s past and we also started one that features Mr. Shu again.  Anne’s been so busy with doing cover work (she’s moved up to the big leagues there woot!) that we haven’t had time to get back to those stories.

Amora:  Her cover work is fantastic.  I can see where that would keep her busy. 

Anything else you can share?

BarbaraYes. The greater DD-verse contains more than just the vampire books.  Astute readers will see some crossover elements with out ChildsPrey series and the standalone books Parallel Process,  I Do and Beautiful C*cksucker .

Amora:  *shakes head* so many.  And, where do we find them?

Barbara*laughs * all over the place. The best thing is to check out either my website or

Amora:  Awesome.  I’m so glad you came by.  Thank you so much for hanging out and chatting with me. 

BarbaraI like to blab about the boys. I like to blab lots.

Amora:  So many stories…I want to take a peek at several, and you so sweet to give me so many excerpts.   Thank you, again.

Excerpts abound! 

Let’s read.

Heehee, I like it.

 Check it out.  We have excerpts for... *looks at the list and counts*

Seven?  *looks at the list again and recounts.  looks up wide eyed*

Wow.  Seven.  




Yay!  Come read with me!

I'd better go make some more coffee.  I don't have nearly enough.  *gets up*  Don't go anywhere.

Be right back...

*heads to the coffee pot*

*mumbles*  Seven?  Wow.


heehee.  Cool.


*comes back with fresh brew*  

I'm too excited to wait.  I have to check one out now.  Which is the first excerpt on the list...

Blood Brothers by Barbara Sheridan and Anne Cain

Publisher: Samhain Publishing -- publisher's page for this book
Genre: Multicultural, GLBT, Erotic Paranormal
Length: Short Story
ISBN: 1-59998-108-4

In a world where the nights are darker and the passions run deeper, two young men go from friends to something more when a dangerous stranger appears on their doorstep.
In feudal Japan, war and famine tear through the countryside, and demons lurk in the darkness. Two young men struggle together on the outskirts of a ravaged village: the strong yet kind Liu Sakurai and his beloved gentle hearted Kiyoshi. And as their friendship endures the endless hardships, their bond grows into something more.
When the summer night brings a mysterious stranger to their door, the most dangerous desires of their dreams and nightmares are awakened. Blood now binds Kiyoshi and Sakurai together where once love did, but can this tie last an eternity?


Outside, the steady buzz of cicadas and the low rustling of bamboo stalks as they rasped together in the breeze filled the night. Inside the small farmhouse, Kiyoshi snored softly in his sleep, wrapped in his friend’s arms.

Liu held him close, dozing off and on as the evening progressed. He toyed with Kiyoshi’s hair or indulged himself with a stolen kiss from the boy whenever he woke. If Kiyoshi stirred then Liu quickly pulled him back into his embrace and held him tighter.

The next time Liu opened his eyes, Kiyoshi had rolled out onto the tatami from under the light blanket covering both their naked bodies. Liu turned onto his side, curling himself around his companion’s smaller form, his face buried in the silky threads of Kiyoshi’s loose hair. As he closed his eyes, Liu’s contended sigh seemed to echo in the room.

Sometime later, he wasn’t sure when, Liu rose on one elbow, suddenly alert. Everything had gone silent—the drone of the insects, the wind moving through the trees. The silence was overpowering. Unnerved, Liu sat up just as something large and heavy thudded against the front of the house. Shrugging into a kosode, he took a lantern and went to the entrance. “Who is it?” he asked cautiously, speaking through the closed door made of hollowed bamboo stalks.

“Let me in,” a man called out weakly from the other side. “I’ve been wounded and ask only for shelter from the night.”

The smell of blood reached Liu through the door as clearly as the stranger’s voice did. The man must be a samurai, he realized with alarm.

Clansmen were warring in nearby villages. Stories of the death and destruction left in their wake had reached this tiny part of the province. The bamboo door never seemed as fragile as it did now.

“Go away,” Liu said hoarsely. “Leave us alone.” Their village already had enough hardships without war to deal with as well.

“Liu, what is it? Who’s there?” Kiyoshi asked, sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

Liu pressed a finger to his lips and listened, hoping the intruder would just vanish.

“Please, kind sir. Help me…I’m injured,” the voice outside called.

Kiyoshi grabbed his robe, slipped it on, then went to his friend’s side. He clutched the back of Liu’s robe and Liu in turn placed one arm protectively around Kiyoshi’s shoulder.

“One night,” the man outside said. “I only…ask one…night—”

There was a thud, then it grew silent, too silent. Kiyoshi tangled his fingers tighter in Liu’s clothing. “Should we help?” he whispered.

“No. We don’t need trouble here,” Liu told him.

“But we can’t leave him out there to die.”

“Better out there than in here.”


Liu looked down at Kiyoshi, then to the door, and to Kiyoshi again. Muttering a curse in Chinese, he stepped back and unlatched the door to slide it open a bit.

Kiyoshi stood in the doorway, watching as Liu went to examine the fallen man. It was hard to see his features in the darkness especially with mud, blood and the tangled mass of hair obscuring his face.

“He’s still alive,” Liu said. “He’ll probably die anyway. We should drag him to the road.”

“Maybe we should help him?” Kiyoshi asked quietly, biting his lip. “He may be an important samurai. He may reward us.”

“All right,” Liu said, his voice heavy with reluctance. “We’ll help, but just this one. I’m not taking in every stray that stumbles by.”

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  1. I love this. Great interview! You guys are so cute together. :)

    Can't wait to read all of these.

    Thank you!!!!

  2. Thank for this interview. I am like really excited and I haven't even read one of these stories yet!

  3. @Marcie: Thanks :)) I'm glad you liked it.

    @Sweet: You're welcome. Lots and lots of stories to check out! yay:))

  4. I don't think I mentioned the free Blood Brothers Prequel doujinshi (comic book) Anne did. It's on our site. WARNING over 18--not safe for work or innocent young eyes....Go check it out here:



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