Sunday, August 22, 2010

Upcoming Blog Love: Barbara Sheridan

I, am great. *beautiful blond hair blows in the wind*  Would you like to know why?  I'll tell you why.  Because I...

say so.  And because my hair blows in the wind like that.  Awesome.  That's what I am.  Simply...



Ok.  It isn't really me that awesome.  But, guess what.  Someone who IS awesome, is coming to hang with me here at my place. Yay!  And, guess what else.  I get to interview her.  Guess what else.  It's good and loooong.  heehee.  Guess what else?  Excerpts.  Lots of them!  WhooWhoo!

Wanna know who it is?  Huh?  Wanna?  I'll tell you.

It is none other than...

drum roll please...

*crowd waits in anticipation*

Barbara Sheridan.

*crowd goes wild!*

Yep.  She's coming back to visit and to hang out with me.  And talk about yummy book goodness!  And share excerpts and stuff with us.  And. And.  And... who knows what else! Yay!

Go Barbara, Go Barbara.

heehee.  I'm a little excited.  ok.   I'm a lot excited.

*snoopy dances*

Barbara's coming to see me.  Barbara's coming to see me.

yaaaaaay me!


  1. Silly excitable Mamba with your hair all showy blowy like that. ^__^

  2. heehee. Yep. That's me. :)

    I'm excited! I'm out here snoopy dancing all over the place. But my hair is all messed up now. I'll have to fix that.



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