Thursday, August 5, 2010

A whole lot of redneck

I feel like some funny. Or some sad, depending on how you look at these things. For our purposes today, we'll call it funny.

I got this in an email the other day, and, well... yeah. Here we are. Not sure what to say, how about I'll just let you look and appreciate...

A whole lot of redneck.

Enjoy ;)

It takes all kinds I suppose.

Have a great day!


  1. LOL - the flash lights, now that is sweet. LOL

  2. I am so came to Tennessee with your camera and you didn't visit me???


  3. @Eyre: LOL, I was too.

    @Sweet: I will actually have to remember that one if ever in a pinch. :)

    @Marcie: um... are you trying to get me to come to Tennessee... or stay away? LOL, because... not a selling point. :P

    @Lily: You are most welcome. Nothing like a bunch of rednecks for a good laugh. :)

  4. The hot tub............Well, yes, that could happen. I do sit on the deck picking off squirrels while knocking back a cold one. But I don't have a hot tub. Now, if I lived on 50 acres and had a hot tub, I would definitely give it more than a thought!

  5. @Artemis: LMAO. You aren't the only one I know that would do that. I would be lying if I said that 1) I may not give it a shot. I'm not at all unfamiliar with shooting either. and 2) I know people that would have done several of these things.

    I've even seen a beer can tree.

    Thanks for stopping by :))



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