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Excerpt: Dark Whispers by Barbara Sheridan and Anne Cain

Dark Whispers by Barbara Sheridan and Anne Cain

Publisher:Noble Romance Publishing -- publisher's page for this book
Genre: GLBT Multicultural Erotic Paranormal
Length: Novel
ISBN: 978-1-60592-001-6

Though he appears to the world as a sensual young man in his mid-twenties, Liu Sakurai is one of the oldest and most powerful chaing-shih to walk the Earth. He sees humans as not much more than weak playthings and food, and no one is more surprised than Sakurai himself when NYPD Detective Daisuke Matsui manages to capture his attention. Dai is a strong one, full of an inner fire and unusual sexual appetites that Sakurai cannot resist.

In the mysterious and arrogant vampire, Dai finds the type of person he's been longing for his entire life--someone with a strength of will and determination that matches his own, and a skill to dominate him in ways that make him burn. While trying to unwind the ties his half-brother has to Chinatown’s underworld, Dai is confronted by creatures and events he thought only existed in the legends and stories told by old men. His life is on the line, along with everything he holds dear, but Sakurai’s dark whispers promise a passion Dai is powerless to resist.


I’m bored, sayuri,” Sakurai said, scratching the cat’s head with one hand, still toying with the nylon briefs with the other. Suddenly, Sakurai clenched his hand in the cat’s fur, his vampire-sharp nails digging into the animal’s flesh. The cat growled and jerked itself free, but Sakurai ignored him. He inhaled deeply and closed his eyes to concentrate on the scent washing up from somewhere below, accompanied by erotic images that flashed through his mind.

Quite a few mortals were fucking their brains out in the confines of this small apartment building, but this one, the one he was connecting with now, was different. It was him, the one the cat had stolen from. He was in pain but enjoying it and Sakurai was reminded of one of his former enterprises—The House of Ecstasy, where all manner of desires were satisfied. And his desire was met by feasting on the pain and blood of his customers.

Sakurai looked at the cat, now sprawled some distance away, licking itself. He tossed the underwear at the cat. “Take me to him.”

The cat scrambled to its feet then made its way down the metal ramp that led to the main fire escape catwalk. Sakurai followed him to the floor below his own.

“Good boy. I’ll help you find something nice and juicy to eat later.”

The vampire crouched to the left of the window and inhaled the scents of sex and pain. So much pain, both physical and mental. It was like a drug, or the strongest liquor, and he drank it in, shuddering as the power of it washed through his body. He peered in and caught sight of the man through the filmy curtains. Sakurai’s mouth lifted in a smirk.

So he likes some of my favorite types of playthings, does he? Excellent.

Sakurai slipped in through the window, his steps making no sound on the carpeted floor. The man lay deep in an exhausted sleep on the bed, covered in nothing but his own ejaculate and surrounded by very choice leather dressings.
Laughing under his breath, Sakurai grazed his fingertips over the chains and leather straps. The way the collar was designed, it could easily have choked its wearer, especially if the man had panicked. Sakurai closed his eyes, drawing forth the image that had flashed through his mind moments ago as he’d sat on the rooftop. The straps around the man’s sex had clearly been tight enough to make most men whimper in fear and agony, and Sakurai grazed his fingernail over the tip of the man’s cock.

“What a curious thing you are,” Sakurai said. “How strong you must be . . . for a mortal,” he added with a quirk of his brow.

He drank in the rush of emotions that flowed from the man, bred by whatever erotic dreams danced through his unconscious mind. Sakurai crawled on top of the mattress, his long hair showering down over the human’s face as he leaned close and stole a taste of the sticky cum from the man’s chin then drank in his dreams . . . .

Arrested by a tall, attractive policeman, the young man was hauled down to a cell in the bowels of the jail and chained to the wall by both wrists and ankles. The policeman laughed and turned a crank, pulling the chains until the boy’s feet were propped against the wall and he was fairly crouching about three feet from the floor, his ass spread and quite inviting.

The cop reached around and grabbed the boy’s denim clad cock and squeezed while he took his nightstick and held it against the boy’s ass. The boy groaned, pushed back on the stick and the cop laughed.

Suddenly they were both naked and the cop now grabbed the boy’s stiff and oozing cock. He squeezed it, slapped it, slapped his balls and jammed two fingers up that oh-so-inviting ass . . . .

Sakurai grinned as the man on the bed beneath him moaned and writhed. The vampire slid off to the side and coaxed the dream to continue. As he did so he prodded the young man to turn onto his belly then kneel. He took up the large dildo and poised the big head at the young man’s entrance just as, within the throes of the dream, the cop poised his hard cock at the tender opening of the young man’s ass.

The young man began to push into the dildo, but Sakurai backed off. He shed his clothing then knelt behind the young man, who rocked back. Sakurai slipped once more into his dream and poised the head of his rigid cock at the young man’s entrance, effectively becoming the older man in the dream.

The policeman gave a wicked laugh. Fuck me, Daisuke. Take it all in. You know you want it. You’ve wanted it a long time now, take it all!

Daisuke, was it? Such a lovely name for such a lovely young man with such a hot, accommodating body that took him in eagerly. Acting as the cop in the dream, Sakurai plunged his cock into the mortal’s body. He grabbed Daisuke’s cock, jerked it, slapped it, grabbed at his nipples and pulled his hair, then leaned in to nip and suck at his neck.

The young man’s pain was divine, his passion intoxicating, his body so tight and hot, both willing and tensed in fear. He met each of Sakurai’s thrusts, his balls swinging and heavy. Their bodies collided harder and harder, faster and faster and Sakurai gripped Daisuke’s cock and squeezed, holding on until he felt the boy’s climax peak. With one firm stroke from Sakurai’s hand, Daisuke came, and Sakurai joined him in release. As their bodies emptied, he bit down on the boy’s shoulder and sucked in the hot, sweet blood, so potent with lust and pain that his head swam in a way he hadn’t experienced in ages.
Daisuke collapsed forward and Sakurai allowed himself the luxury of lying atop him a moment, drinking in the ebbing lustful liquor that flavored his blood, licking away the sweetness of the mortal’s thick cum from his fingers. Sakurai licked the bite marks as well, rather surprised with himself that he hadn’t drained the young man dry. Of course, where would the fun be in that?

This young man was a treasure. Like a fine cognac, he needed to be sampled again and again.

Daisuke turned his head, murmuring an unfamiliar name. Sakurai smirked. Soon enough it would be himself and not this Watts person who haunted the young man’s dreams. Sakurai leaned in and kissed Daisuke’s full mouth. “Sleep well, my pet. We’ll play another night.”

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