Thursday, October 28, 2010

Has the whole world gone mad?

Or is it just me?  What the hell is going on.  I gotta say, this day was full of suck.  Actually, this whole week has been full of suck.  And, sorry to say, not the good kind either.  I've managed to make it thru pretty well all week, I haven't actually gone ape-shit crazy on anyone, but... it was pretty damn close today.

The idiots and the crazies are beginning to take their toll.

I think I work for, and with, the stupidest people on the planet: the customers are taking their stupid pills; the boyfriend, well... yeah, we'll just stop there.  Even my dog is running around in circles, chasing her tail, until she is so dizzy she's running into things.  Me?  I can't sleep a wink, so... bonus there.

What I want to know is... has the whole world gone mad?

The biggest source of my insanity is, as usual, the bosses.  I'm not sure I've talked about them over here on the blog, so let me introduce you too them.  I call them, the Tweedle Twins.  I have a picture of them somewhere around here...*looks around*... what did I do with that...

Ah... here they are.  Let me introduce you to my bosses.  The Tweedle Twins.

Yes, I work for Tweedle Dee, who happens to be my father, and his business partner, Tweedle Dum.  Oh, I've called them by many names over the years, but The Tweedle Twins is what I've settled on.  They are truly amazing.  So amazing in fact, I've thought of blogging about my adventures in Tweedleland many times over the last few months.  You just can't make up this kind of stupid.  In case you aren't sure what I mean, I have a video to demonstrate...

I very much love my job.  It's a joy each and every day to deal with such extreme intelligence. On an up note, they give me so much to work with for blog material, they may in fact become a regular feature.  They already are over on facebook, and it has been suggested I come up with such a thing for over here by several people.  I think I will.  I already have stories such as "Tweedle Dum loses the battle with Scotch Tape"  or "Tweedles Goes Ballistic, it's a Swing, and a Miss".  Oh, let's not forget "Tweedles Flushes His Cellphone Down the Toilet".  Problem is, I need my sense of humor to come back before I can properly tell the stories, because on days like today, I just want to call them asshole, and beat them to death.

What a week it's been so far, and crap, the weeks not even over yet.

I've decided instead, to try to find some kind of funny to spin this day around, so instead of the Tweedle Twins, I thought I'd throw you some other goodies.  Since the week has been so miserable, I thought I'd start out with... yes, that's right... the miserable list.  Been awhile, I think we should revisit it.  So, continuing on with where we left off... I give you...

Things to be miserable about.  #52-61

52. Weeping and gnashing of teeth
53. Hissy fits
54. Bright blue cocktails
55. Wet paint
56. Not having rhythm
57. Mountain highways with no guard rails
58. Buying tampons
59. Meaningless details
60. Miracle cures that are neither miraculous nor curative
61. The tip of the iceberg

Other miserable things I have lying around...

And finally, a miserable video.  I do wish I could say that I don't have a knack of meeting men this miserable, but, well, I do.  It's a gift.  This little gem is called... Dick in a Box.

Welcome to my battle with all things miserable.  I do hope your week is going better than mine.

Later Taters ;)


  1. *HUGZ* Sorry to hear about the shit hitting the fan. We will huddle with you under the blog umbrella!

    Here is a video that always makes me smile... I love his voice... and I love how he is sticking it to his ex... but still happy about it!

  2. @Sweet: Thanks honey. Oh, lets do huddle under the blog umbrella. :)

    That song is perfect. LOL, more so than you know, more so than you know. Awesome!

    Thanks dear. *big hugs*

  3. Sorry to hear your world is sucky right now. Mine's been in the dumps for a while so hey, welcome to the club! ;)

  4. I'm so sorry about the suckage. Hang in there. It has to get better.

    I had a friend who used to work with some real idiots. One day, one of the dumbasses hit the absolute peak of stupidity. My friend looked at him and said, "Do you believe in Jesus? 'Cause you're getting ready to meet him right now, and you're too stupid to realize it."

    *hugs* I'll be sending good thoughts your way.



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