Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Adventures of Amara and Tristan: Part 2

The adventure begins....  Tristan does Hershey

In our last episode, Tristan and I had finally arrived, tired, weary and well, totally out of it.  WhooWhoo...Hershey!  Upon arrival, Tristan and I called my friend and got directions to her house, and we headed in that direction.  Once we got there, we sat outside and waited for her to come home from work because exploring any more in such ravaged condition was...well...dangerous.  So, we pulled up, and we waited, and waited, and waited, out in front of what turned out to be...  the wrong house.

Full of awesome.  It was ok though, no one called the police or anything, because well, I was looking my finest.  Ravishing actually...

Oh yeah, that's so totally me.  I wear the all night travel fiasco beautifully.  I was one hot babe when I got there.  Mmmm.  Damn I'm hot.

We finally fixed the mix up, found the right house, met my friend live and in person... and passed out.

It was awesome.

The next day, Tristan and I decided to set out and check out the town.  First thing we did... find a starbucks.  That wasn't easy.  They don't seem to understand the importance of espresso on the east coast.  Not sure what's up with that.

Second thing we did... get lost.  Um... maybe that was the first thing.  *shakes head* I can't remember, bet.

No matter where we went in Hershey, we would end up here...

That, would be the Parkside.  Looks pretty ok in the picture I found of it.  I didn't take my own picture because, well, there were always a bunch a Harleys parked out front with lots of biker dudes too.  Yeah, I wasn't sure they would appreciate a photo with Tristan.  Not that I'm afraid of your average biker, but I have found they don't want their pictures taken.

They frown on that.

Tristan and I ended up at the Parkside so often, it became our point of reference.

After another call to our friend with a "oh yeah, we're lost at the biker bar" we set off again.  Tristan loved it.  First we found the factory...

Tristan wanted to go inside, but I don't think you can just meander around in there.  Bummer that.  We moved on to... Hereshy Park...

Tristan loves big roller coasters.  We thought we would have plenty of time to ride them, so we didn't go play inside that night.  Um... yeah, they closed up the next day, soooo... didn't get to do that.

We strolled right along and just took pictures for a bit...

Oh yeah, that would be a Hershey's Kiss...street light.  How friggin' cool is that!  Whole street is lined with them.  And the street is brown,'s made from chocolate.  Well, cocoa bean, but... whatever.

After tripping out over all of that, we headed up to the Hershey Hotel for a minute to check out the fountains and the Koi ponds.

But it was getting awfully dark, and well, the people thought I was crazy, sooo... we left.  We continued on down the hill, got lost again and finally found our way back to our friends house.

And there you have it.  Our first day out in Chocolate Town.

heehee, it was fun.

That's all for now.  Later taters.



  1. Tristan has traveled much more than I have! Of course, I'd expect a pirate to be well-traveled.

    I really wish you had asked a biker to pose with Tristan. That could've been funny. :)

  2. Little Tristan gets around. But...he kind of sucks at it, as you all shall see. He doesn't vacation right. Bad juju.

    LOL, That would have been funny wouldn't it. I actually did mean to get pictures of Tristan there, I ended up there so many times. I always figured ... we'll do it "next" time. And then... we ran out of next times.

  3. Aww this is a very fun post.. and unique...

    Tristan is HOT too!!

  4. @Sweet: *gasps* YES! As a matter of fact... IT DID! Totally not kidding either. My friend took me around when it was raining one day and yeah... when it rains...SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE! It's in the dirt!

    I friggin' a full on pink. It was embarrassing.

  5. @Sy: Thanks! And welcome!

    lol, Tristan is a little hottie isn't he. We'll be seeing more of him.

    Glad you liked it. :))

  6. That's what I thought. *nods her head sagely* We used to have a chocolate factory near my home and whenever you drove through town you could smell it!

    AND - You could get cocoa husks by the bushel for your sidewalks and stuff... I loved to run my fingers through it and just smell it! LOL

  7. @Sweet: It was simply amazing to me. I've never smelled chocolate dirt before. I pride myself on being a no sqeee pink. I was the giddy-est pink...full of squee. Down right embarrassing. heehee, but so full of awesome, I just couldn't help it.

    I can't even believe I'm admitting this in public. My reputation is now ruined. I'd better bad-ass up to make up for it ;)



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