Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Adventures of Amora and Tristan

Okie-dokie.  How about some vacation story.  Tis time I think.  Gather round, and let me tell you my tale.

I have to say, the awesome began before I even left.  Why you may ask?  Well, because the awesome book I won showed up that day.  That's right... I won a book...

... not just any book... WhooWhoo...  ...a signed book.  How much do I love that!  I was lucky enough to win a signed Emma Holly book.  Oh yeah, that's right, yay me, I won Demon's Fire (A Tale of the Demon World) ...

Demon's Fire (A Tale of the Demon World)

...that will be going in my shadow boxes of signed book goodness.  Just click that baby to find out more about that one.  Mmmmm, signed books.  

Ok, I'm getting sidetracked.  Sorry, signed book goodness does that to me.

After my cool book showed up, Tristan and I loaded up and took off.  Um... have you all met Tristan?  Where is that little dude... *looks around*... Tristan, what the hell... where'd you go...

Oh, there you are...

...that's Tristan, my hot little pirate dude.  We travel together.  heehee, Tristan loves to travel.  

So, anyway, Tristan and I loaded up with all my luggage and flew all friggin' night long to... drum roll please...

Pennsyvania!  WhooWhoo... Pennsylvania!  More specifically, we went to visit a friend of mine in Hershey.  Oh yeah... we set out to... Chocolate Town!    

WhooWhoo... Chocolate Town!   

I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

So, we flew all night long, and once we landed, completely exhausted because I drank a huge espresso before the flight and couldn't sleep a wink, we grab the luggage... which of course was more than any one person needed and I think weighed more than I did.   (*scratches head* I'm not sure I ever really planned on coming home, I think I brought just about everything I owned.  So did the baggage people who kept asking me if I was SURE I didn't want to leave some behind.)  

Yeah, anyway... we haul what must have been 150lbs of suitcases to pick up the rental car.  Once we get through fighting with the rental agency who of course lost the reservation, twice, we load up and take off.   Look out Hershey... here we come.  

At least that was the plan.

I had everything all dialed in on my nifty new phone with gps, maps and stuff I've never used before, we throw it in drive and... get lost. I'm gifted at that. I like to say that not all who wander are lost, but... yeah...we were lost. Immediately. I'm not sure I even made it out of the airport parking lot before the lost took place.  

Weeeeeee.  Go Amora, Go.  Starting off on the right foot, yes, yes we were.  I gotta tell ya, Tristan... totally useless in all of this.

We drove around lost for a bit, saw a few sights, and finally, totally by accident mind you, found Hershey.  Oh-My.  I really was in Chocolate Town.  Mmmmmm, chocolate.

Want to hear more...'re going to have to come back.  'Cuz that... is just how I roll.

Kiss for ya...


Later taters. ;)


  1. Loving the vacation story! :)

  2. YAY! I love chocolate. We used to have a chocolate factory in town and we could smell it! Looking forward to more...

  3. I've always wanted to go to Hershey. It's like a Mecca for chocolate lovers. I'm so glad you and Tristan had a good time.



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